Electric Rheem Furnace Age

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Could someone please confirm that this electric furnace was manufactured in 1999? That’s what I’m seeing, but the serial number doesn’t match exactly to any of the examples given via the Building Intelligence Center. I’d be curious if there is another resource I should be checking serial numbers against as well. Thanks.

You’ve got it, 07/1999

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Thanks Simon.

First, welcome to our forum, Charley! There are no stupid questions. So, enjoy! :smile:

And, here’s a good resource for checking serial numbers of HVAC, water heaters, etc.: https://www.building-center.org

Larry, that is the Building Intelligence Center (which I currently reference). Thanks though.

Try these, Charley:

HVAC Age Chart List—.pages (682.5 KB)


HVAC ages.doc (38 KB)

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