Electric transmission line over home

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I was a lineman for 20 years so I can shed some light in this area for you.

99% of the time the local power company owns the poles the services are on. Another general rule of thumb is if there is power on the pole then it is most likely owned by power. If no power on the pole it is possible it is owned by the utility or city.

It’s hard to tell by the couple of pictures you have but I would say those cables have been running through there for 25 plus years and if that is the true easement the power company isn’t going to move the pole line especially at their expense.

Also 99% of the time phone lines are always the lower line on the pole and just above phone will be cable TV. The reason they are not up closer to power is there are minimum clearance requirements the have to all be from each other.

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Michael - You are correct - this line has been present obviously for a long time. On this street,the line runs along the back of the lots, except at this address, the property takes a jog back, making the straight line run through the middle of this yard. I’m more concerned with the pole in this yard, the guide or anchor wires have been cut that used to anchor it in the adjoining yard, allowing the pole to lean toward this house.
As for the easement, the power company does NOT have an easement through the middle of the house, but does it have to, to string lines ABOVE the house?
I recommended the buyer or seller ask nicely for the PoCo to evaluate it… maybe someone will agree to move… but if you don’t ask, it will certainly never happen.

“Low-level EMF” No worries.