Electrical Defect Recognition Training- Web-Seminar

Announcement -

The Electrical Guru and Electrical Service Specialists will be conducting an 8 hour webinar on the " Electrical Defect Recognition" seminar conducted by Paul W. Abernathy all over the country. This web-seminar is not based on the book “how to perform electrical inspections”. This seminar is his popular defect recognition seminar with many images, commentary and insight into electrical defects.

The seminar is to take place on Sunday, November 21, 2010 and the cost is $ 25.00 for the 8 hour event. It will start at 8:00AM

You can register at http://www.theelectricalguru.com/seminars.html and once registered, send payment to our office and you will receive the access code for the seminar as well as be listed as a attendee to receive your attendance certificate.

If InterNachi would like to sponsor a training event for a chapter then let me know…we can do a webinar for groups as well.

NOTICE: This course has been cancelled due to problems with webinar system. For those who have sent in the payments ( Check or Money Order ) we will be sending back your check or if you paid with a money order, we will send you a check from us that you can cash.

Sorry for the webinar issues…it is beyond our control until we work out the system issues.

I hope you can get the system up and running soon. I look forward to the webinar.

Now I’m going to have to go spend time with the wife today. Please let us know when it’s back on, thanks

Damn. The Electrical Guru needs a web guru…
Hope you can reschedule soon.


lol…problem is not on my end…lol

Understood, Paul. Good luck.

Actually this is good marketing. See now there is a HYPE and BUZZ…well played Paul!