4-hour electrical inspection training at the Virginia Chapter of on May 4, 2013.


Taught by the Electrical Guru himself, Paul Abernathy.

Just $25 for InterNACHI members.

Thanks Nick. The proceeds will go the central Virginia Chapter and will be used to give back the community or other education events.

Paul Rocks, he can teach a ton of info especially if you are lacking in the electrical knowledge/background.


I have watched his NACHI videos and look forward to the training this Guru has to offer. More classes from other gurus will follow this one.

Electrical Defect Recognition

Offering the infamous Electrical Defect presentation by Paul W. Abernathy, author of How to Perform Electrical Inspections. This presentation is for the novice to highly experienced home inspector. During the training the attendee will see dozens of electrical defects and violations and learn how to comment on them as well as how to document the defects. The attendee will also learn how to recognize defects while learning what is the potential hazard of not reporting them correctly.

There will also be an Ask The Expert session where you can ask those pressing electrical questions.

If anyone feels compelled enough to come from far out of town for this awesome training event, we have secured special pricing for the rooms. Please contact me if you would like more details.

It’s only about 3 hours from you :slight_smile:

And if Jim wants to come… I’ll personally pay for his training fee and reimburse him for the full cost of his hotel room.

I would love to see one of these near me. maybe chicago ?

We’ll subsidize it in Chicago if you can put it together. In other words, we’ll make sure you either make money, or at least break even so that you have no financial risk in doing it.

We put this event together in about 3 hours; all logistics included. You can do it.

I am not able to personally do this event due to my commitments with my current employment. I support the VA Chapter and Juan’s efforts and possibly someday I will be able to teach again but as of right now I am not able to teach this course.

I have suggested Juan speak with Kenny Hart and switch the venue to Plumbing.

No pun intended, But That is Shocking News.


In light of Paul’s post today one has to wonder if you didn’t put this event together a little too quick? Did he confirm and then back out or???:shock:

Beginning to sound like “The Thornberry Method” was utilized! :stuck_out_tongue:

Instead of complaining about realtors only recommending ASHI, and debating about whether or not NACHI members should join ASHI if they dominate in their area, we decided to put our time elsewhere. We thought growing the dead chapter, to a thriving chapter with community involvement would be time and money better spent. This was our kick off event, in which Mr. Abernathy did in fact confirm that he could attend. With idiots like you two making stupid comments, it makes the blow to our first chapter event, that much harder to overcome. Perhaps I’ll just join ASHI as others have suggested and be done with it.

You know Juan, I don’t get on here and give people a hard time. I don’t call people names but look at what you post. What a fine person ASHI is going to be getting!
I have never suggested that you go there but if that is what you want to do then GO!.
I could go on but why?
See Ya!

By the way. I never complain about: “Instead of complaining about realtors only recommending ASHI, and debating about whether or not NACHI members should join ASHI if they dominate in their area”. My business is growing at a very good pace. I get referrals from many realtors, past clients and assorted other sources.

Not Juans fault…totally mine as i wanted to support his new chapter…but not aware my agreement extended to HI Industry as well.

I think Juan did a wonderful job setting things up…it was my ignorance that screwed it up for him. I just can’t teach for anyone except my employer and Juan was not aware of this.