Can't attend my LIVE seminar?

Electrical Inspections for Home Inspectors - May 5, 2007

Online Seminar - Cost $ 50.00 per person ( Limited to first 10 inspectors )

Location : at the comfort of your home in front of your very own PC or MAC

The first online seminar is scheduled for May 5, 2007, for those who are interested and have no attended my seminar in the past or had one cancelled recently and would like to attend please e-mail me at and I will send you the credit card authorization form and required information.

  • You will need a PC or MAC connection to the internet and a free phone line to call into the conference call center to be LIVE with 10 others and me to hear my seminar, ask me questions and to interact in a live environement.

I will provide the information to log in 1 hour before the seminar starts and provide the conference call phone number to dial. I suggest using ( 10-10- 987 ) at only 4 cents a minute to conference call and no long distance provider is needed. The calls should only cost you about $ 15.00 dollars for the entire 4-5 hour seminar. ( depending on the number of questions asked )

Again this is limited to the FIRST ten people wanting to attend the seminar and contact me and I will e-mail you the authorization form you must fill out and submit atleast 5 days before the seminar date listed above.

This sounds like a great opportunity for live interaction with a great electrical guru. Take advantage of it. Electricity probably is one of those areas where most home inspectors are a little shakey, and yet it is so dangerous due to its very nature of not being seen yet being everywhere in our homes.

I personally have had some great conversations with Paul. I respect his teaching methods and his knowledge. I would like to professionally recommend this class to those who would like to improve their knowledge about electricity. The price is right.

Actually, the price is $1 too high. It should have been $49. For some strange reason, Paul knows about electricity but forgot about the Power of Nines.

no I happen to think this…if someone can’t afford $ 50.00 for education regardless of CEU’s or what ever…then screw em…they dont DESERVE my time or education…:)…Hows That…:slight_smile:

Paul, I personally like the IN PERSON seminars… I collect more from them.
and I’m willing to go where ever you hold it. Except the comfort of MY LiVINGROOM, :wink: if I get to comfortable I just fall asleep, ask any of my girl friends, :wink:

Thats the problem however it seems…people gripe about education but they dont attend seminars…and they dont attend low cost online ones either…

As the " Educated " association it sure seems like we can’t get guys out to actual seminars…and can’t get them to take online ones either…

So I say screw em both…my Seminar in Canada will be my last for NACHI.

It seems there is a lot of inspectors here that do an inspection, take a few pictures and run back to the BB to ask questions and figure out what it is, if it is wrong or not and then how to report on it if that be the case.
I am a FIRM believer of education makes for a better inspector. I read, attend classes, gather information about new items out on the market and new technics and construction. Always in the learning mode for me.
Guess that tells me what seminars I’ll be at during the convention,
PLEASE keep me a seat in the front row…
Thanks Paul for all you have done,

That’s the spirit Paul…:smiley:

And when your giving your last NACHI seminar I will be mourning about this sad turn of events in Nadi Fiji playing Golf

But of course I will send you pictures of this Course!

Maybe say screw the convention also, and meet me there!

I love my job…:smiley:

lol…you know Dale…that is VERY tempting considering of the past seminars I have done…I might actually get paid for this one…but who knows as I seem to be doing charity work as of late.

Serenity now…Serenity now…

Hey Paul,

From one lowly inspector in Ohio… I was personally looking forward to your seminar in Columbus last weekend and very dissapointed it was cancelled due to lack of sign up. I have been planning on taking the kids fishing this weekend so will not be able to attend your online seminar. I sincerely hope you don’t give it up, but I understand. Your class is one I was hoping to attend soon!



This will be the last attempt…I am rescheduling the online seminar for May 12, 2007…if you miss that catch me at the Toronto Convention as this will be my last HI related educational outing for NACHI related vendors.

Visit for details

wow…there’s NACHI professionalism at its finest! :eek:

Good products always sell, Paul.

Have you looked at…

  1. Your timing. This is the beginning of the busy season for many of us. Training sessions that are conducted in October through February are attended well in my chapter. Home inspections always take precedence over seminars and, in busy times of the year, fishing trips with the kids will come first on a day off.

  2. Your advertising. Is this message board your only means of advertising your on-line seminars. If so, you are missing 99.8% of your target market.

  3. The content of your advertising. I know you are having trouble booking for an “on-line seminar” but I do not know from this forum what the seminar covers and if it is something I need to know. Have you shared that information somewhere, readily, or do I have to dig for it?

I spend roughly $250 per month, regularly, on books and study materials to help me keep up with what I need to know as an inspector. I also schedule 24 hours per year of training for my chapter. I take education seriously and spend to acquire it. I don’t think I am all that different from any other home inspector who hangs out here.

Sometimes, Paul, you will have to pay more attention to the four fingers that are pointing back at you as you point that one, long finger at us.

Good luck with your future non-NACHI endeavors.

I hear ya brother…and I respect EVERYTHING you stated…the online seminar thing was REALLY for those who KNOW about my seminars I do for NACHICE and since they had been so many cancelled it was a way to bring it to them as it says on that site what the course contains.

Since I was only doing 10 members for this seminar…did not want to spend BRAIN CELLS over promoting it…as NICK was gracious enough to say he would widely promote it in e-mail and so on…but with only 10 spots and a pilot type event…just did not want to OVER HYPE it…

Now…if as I think it would be a HUGE success and a NEW way to bring CE to everyeone…this was my way of FIELD testing it…

But you are 100% right…but I can’t pick the dates based on busy seasons and so on which is why I kinda did the weekend thing…seminars take place year around in most areas…but I got your jist and I thank you for it.

Sorry…I dont WORK for NACHI…I volunteer HERE to help NACHI…big difference.

I never said I wanted friends…only to educate so those that do not like me…or think I have a big head or what ever can jump in a lake…I am good at what i do…I enjoy doing it and thats about it…I have gained friends here but I did not come here for that intent.

I don’t beat around the bush…I say what I think and I type what I think and I do not care about the outcome…just how I work so if that means someone would not attend a seminar of mine because they think that attitude is not professionalism…so be it as my life will go on:)

Those that have talked to me on the phone or have met me know me…and understand what I am saying and those that dont…who cares…:slight_smile:

Cancelling the online seminar on May 12th…Scraping all future efforts on this.

That bites Paul. I personally really could use the training and would LOVE to take one when I had the money. I’m sorry things suck for you right now and I hope things get better.