Nachi is a joke

For days, i have been trying to set up an appointment with a proctor to take the state exam. INSPECTOR OUTLET is ABSOLUTE GARBAGE and the site has more flaws then i’ve ever seen before. No phone numbers to the proctors??? I guess im supposed to send money to someone without knowing if the next available test date is tomorrow or next month, and not know if i have the proper paperwork or id, ect. NO ONE answers the phone to any number you find on the Nachi site, EVER. Even though it’s the most ridiculous, shady, suspect, scamish type of way to do this, im trying to send my money to the proctor and “they” (NACHI & INSPECTOR OUTLET) can’t seem to get that right. Im trying to SEND THEM MONEY…and they can’t even get THAT right. Pathetic. Another flaw probably. It’s saying my credit card is invalid when i used the card this morning and i have every single digit correct. Smfh. I really wish i would have used a different company through all of this. NACHI is a JOKE. It’s a MICKEY MOUSE COMPANY and no one has their stuff together. The site is cluttered beyond belief and is extremely hard to navigate through. I’ve never had such a difficult and frustrating time with anything over the internet untill i used the Nachi & Inspector outlet sites. Congratulations Nachi, you’re the worst of the worst. Get your sh*t together!

Having a bad day , did you read instructions / some do not take spaces some do for credit cards . Never had a problem with Nachi . Good spot for education and information . Perhaps you be better joining a beginner org like ASHI . BTW you need to fill out your profile like Location .

Sorry you feel this way I have no idea what has gone wrong but attacking sure is not a good thing to do .
It might be to your benefit to look at another way to make a living Good luck to you .

What State are you looking for a proctor in?

I sincerely hope that an attitude like yours, you don’t become a Home Inspector.
If you don’t have enough smarts to figure out how to take advantage of Inachi Educational Benefits, then you don’t need to even try to become an inspector for the home industry.

Email and just say you want to take our proctored exam and tell us what state you want to take the exam, and we’ll have someone call you immediately.

We do this all day long, all night long, all weekend long, year after year for our nearly 22,000 members.

I copied this:

directly from Contact InterNACHI - Int’l Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI)

Hi, Lee. So sorry to hear of your experience with Inspector Outlet and scheduling an exam. I agree that we need to always be improving the process. There’s always room for improving the user experience with a website. Inspector Outlet is right next to my office. I’ll walk over there now, and make sure someone attends to you as soon as possible. Feel free to email me at, if you have any further troubles with anything else. Talk to you later, Lee.

First off INACHI is not a “company” it is an association of Inspectors. It is very sad that you are unable to delineate the difference between a “company” and an “association”. There are many, many instances where you will need to delineate differences while on site inspecting and this is a very basic skill to have. For example being able to delineate the difference between a condo and a single family structure so you make sure you do not arrive at the wrong location. That was a very, very simplistic example of the ability to delineate between two things. You appear to need some work on this skill or you will not be able to succeed in anything during your life.

Secondly I have no idea who you are trying to email or call at INACHI (remember this is an association and not a “company”). I have communicated with INACHI many times and can’t ever remember having anything except a very fast response. As a matter of fact their email embodies that concept . Have you tried this email?

Lastly I do believe you need to understand the importance of proper communications techniques. You have unsuccessfully trashed INACHI in a publicly viewable forum. Your tirade is simply very childish and unproductive. I have been an INACHI member for 14 years and if you think it will sway me, any other member, or any possible member from leaving INACHI you are sadly mistaken. Instead what it has done is to display that possibly you are best off finding a deserted island and moving there where you never have to worry about challenges, confrontations, or doing anything meaningful in life!

Good luck in your career and I certainly hope you are not located in Texas as Texas consumers do not need this type of attitude!

Hi Lee,
I apologize for the issues you had. I do believe I answered your call, and forwarded you to Inspector Outlet. It was lunch, so they were out for a short amount of time. I spoke with JP, who handles the phones, and he did confirm that he spoke with you. After speaking with you, it was understood that the issue was not with our system, it was the incorrect billing details you provided to us. Please contact me directly if you have any other questions or concerns.

Lee if you ever have any issues regarding your membership and/or the InterNACHI website, feel free to call me direct at 303.225.5824. Also, it looks like your membership is having some billing issues, maybe the same issues that Inspector Outlet was having? Give me a call to discuss.

All he did was gripe and run. Looks like EVERYONE tried to help him!

Lee …

I’ve been a member about 14-15 yrs.

I have shot a question to at 10:00pm and often had a response yet that night OR early next day.

Frustration we all understand … The tirade about our association … NO.

Wish you a lot of luck in whatever career path you chose, as long as its not as a Home Inspector.

Nothing says it more than this:

				 					**[Lee Engler](

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A student for 6 years? Seems someone either can’t make up their mind, doesn’t have the skills to get any further, or doesn’t want to pay yearly dues so stays as a “student”. :roll:

What happened to Lee?

Eh, Lee had a bad day. I’d come back and apologize. Nobody is perfect but InterNACHI is not what is or has been described here :slight_smile:

He’s got a bad credit card & has no clue.

“The world is his oyster”… and he’s been shucked!