Electrical funny

I know you have all seen double and triple tabs. Can anyone beat 5.


Nope! I believe you are the winner.
You should Watermark it with your company name on it.
Before I steal it LOL !

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We use to have inspection defect of the week picture. You would have won.

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Penta-tap! Kinda sounds cool :smiley:

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Well, Jason, one could wire nut 10 to 12 wires together and pigtail of one to the breaker. LOL

You win with 5 on one breaker! :smile:

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Better look again, I count 6 wires! Hexatap !

I’m only seeing 5 from here. The shadows throw things off a little.

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Your probably right a shadow. Looked like 6 at the breaker, but as you moved away was only five. Oops!

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Made me look closer! :grinning:

I thought I seen that as well Robert.
However, I’m on my phone.

Great post. Yep!

Shockingly there were plenty of other issues with the panel. Just thought this was funny with all the open breaker spots next to it. Luckily nothing bad happened and it is in the process of being repaired.

Would you show us pictures of the complete panel? And any other pictures of the subs?

kinda looks like a mustache…


Handlebar?.. :grin:

…indeed …

It has been about 15 months, or so, since my cancer surgery and the Lupron has finally worn off. The way I can tell is my beard started growing again…so I’m trying to grow a handle bar mustache and it is coming along slow but sure…it is kinda fun.

That takes the cake! I have never seen 4 much less 5.

we need pictures…

In due time, my good man, in due time. So far it is starting to shape similar to this…this is my first time doing this: