Electrical Inspection Book

I am waiting for my book to be delivered. I hope that it will answer the questions I have related to inspecting electrical systems.

Is this book available in technical bookstores?

Can the authors be contacted when questions arise?

Did Mike Holt review the draft?

Firstly, Why on earth would we ( or I ) want Mike Holt to review it? He is nothing more than another electrical guy in the industry who offers his opinion on the interpretation of the National Electrical Code no different than any other NEC Consultant.

Secondly, the authors answer questions on the NACHI board almost everyday of the week and on their own message boards ( mine to be exact ).

As for technical bookstores, you have to remember the book is geared to HI’s and only HI’s with a little direction to DIYers in general. However, it lacks CODE sections for the most part due to the request of HI’s to not be so “CODIE” in nature. I am working on a book for “CODIE” for municipal type electrical inspectors in a hopes that Nick will publish this one also.

If you are a “Municipal” electrical inspector this book will not be much help to you…as it was not geared for those people and why it is endorsed by INACHI only.

Hope this was helpful…

That is a very curious set of questions for someone who is “waiting” for their book to be delivered. Why would you need to ask where you can get a book that you have already ordered?

Back up copy??

I agree and I know whom it is…always an agenda no doubt.

It’s a great book. Congrats to its authors and to NACHI for publishing it.

While written in a clear and easy to understand format for a “newbie”, there are items of interest and enlightenment for experienced instructors, as well.

Thank you James…it means alot !

I will order 100 copies very soon to be used to teach people about home inspectors jobs and how they deal with these types of inspections! If the product is available in PDF format that wou;d be good too.

PS: I thought the original questions were reasonable and should have been answered in a professional manner instead, just my opinion! Don’t always make assumptions!

And I answered them in a Professional manner… I don’t believe it is in PDF format right now.

IAEI Study Guide Electrical General 2008 Price: $ 40.00

Item #: 360038 - Based on the NEC-2008, the IAEI study guides have striven to be the most comprehensive available to prepare you for certification success in electrical general, or any master electrician or journeyman electrician exams. By using this guide, you will learn the “Keyword-Contents-Index” method of readily establishing a fix on the code answers desired; discover tips, acronyms, and memory joggers; and learn the language and style of the certification exams for easy topic recognition and faster navigation through the exams.

Will this be good for studying for certification as an electrical inspector?

What does IAEI stand for?

International Association of Electrical Inspectors

I believe it would do fine as a study guide. The IAEI puts out some GREAT products. basically passing the Electrical Inspector Exams are not much different than taking the tests to be a JourneyMan or Master Electrician.

Any electrical study guide is worth the money…I own alot of them…:wink:

Hi Paul…where is the Link to purchase this Book?

Thanks Brother…!


What about this Electrical Inspection book, is it still available?

For InterNACHI members only for $15 each. It isapproved for use by schools and trainers who offer InterNACHI approved continuing education.

To order via credit card call Lisa Endza at (303) 502-6214 or by mail by sending $15 to “InterNACHI Foundation”, 1750 30th Street, Boulder, CO 80301. Ships within 24 hours.

Proceeds from this 75 page booklet benefits The InterNACHI Foundation.

This book is a home inspector must have

The pamphlet that you are referring to had very little useful information in it. I don’t think that Nick was ever able to even give it away.

The book authored by Beaumont and Abernathy is not only relevant and instructional, but challenging at all levels.

Oh…and like the out-of-print pamphlet you mentioned…there is no longer a NACHI Foundation to receive any donations from it.

You will enjoy the book by Beaumont and Abernathy and even you, Joe Tedesco, will be able to learn something from it. It achieves what you strived for and could never achieve…and that is how to effectively communicate electrical inspections to home inspectors.