Thinking of a New Book - Give your thoughts

Hey Guys,

I am thinking of doing a book titled :

"The GURU Guide to passing the ICC Electrical Exam "

I dont need comments on the title…lol…just if you think a book giving you everything you need to pass this exam would be helpful and something needed. Many inspectors are adding certifications to their resume’ so what do you think. I already know MUNI’s want it but figured I would see what my NACHI brothers and sisters have to say.

There is so much on line education I have never viewed that I must must admit getting around to book buying a exam passing guide ,is low priority to myself at this point.

lol…well I know of 10 books like it and dozens of books for electrical exams and they seem to do well…lol…Why should I not jump on the band wagon?

Oh sure!

Do not get me wrong as I am sure the market is there as long as there are guys taking exams.

I was only giving personal need as you requested.

How many or what percentage of HI"s need it I have no idea.

One thing I know ,is that you are very good at simplification of complex electrical issues .

Personally I feel that if the market is there you will do fine based on my experience with you on this forum.

Thanks Robert…I do welcome the opinions and yours is VERY valued. I am kinda just allowing the ones ( you all ) that I value the most to give me feedback on if this type of book would be needed. I did read one out their and it was not very well done which is what gave me the idea.

Hi, Paul, and I think you might be on to something and as usual it is and will be helpful to some.
I think it might serve Members that were electricians before becoming Home Inspectors.

I was just a dumb Carpenter so I need something for Dumbies. ha. ha. :wink:
I have found this link that was most useful for electrical handicapp like myself.

It states the Code section, but also Narrates what it is about, and that is the part I like to add on a report and the code section would only be back-up since we are not Code Enforcers.

So something like that would be more useful in inspecting a regular house on the electrical part of it.

Maybe you have something similar all ready.

As usual, thank you for all you do. :):smiley:

Go for it Paul!

I’d be interested in buying your book. As much as I pester you on some of the installations I see all the time, your vast source of knowledge would help with the many of the answers I search for. Be it in book form or other , having a helpful guide is having more “ammo” for my own knowledge.
I will most likely encounter another challenge to my “observations” by some grumpy “contractor”.:smiley:


Sent you the cover art as requested.


now I am disappointed in my Boy Gerry B…where is the LOVE fella…lol

I love the idea of a new book Paul, were you thinking of it being a murder mystery or a biography? :mrgreen:

Just kidding Mate :wink:

BTW, when are we starting the signing tour to promote our last literary masterpiece? :shock:


You know what you are mate, I don’t have to spell it out here :wink:


I got the minivan all fired up fella…you just give the word…:wink:

lol…he likes that butt shot image an awful lot…lol…

Wouldn’t buy the book… already licensed. But I’m sure it would be helpful to people.


All ready certified , but I would love to beta test.
Hamburgers all around.

Well, I could use addittional help when it comes to electrical, and I had forgot to vote, so I did.

I would buy it if it don’t break the bank. :mrgreen:

If it comes from Paul, I know it will be helpful. :slight_smile:

My intent was not to market it to anyone already certified. I have many Municipal Inspectors who are cross trained in that they are Plumbing Inspectors or Mechanical Inspectors who simply are stumped by Electrical Exams. My goal was to create a book to give them all the nuts and bolts they need to pass the test…without all the other fluff they will never need. After reviewing many books that attempt to train someone to pass these tests and being that I have trained MANY inspectors to pass tests over the years as well as electricians with an approach I call “define the word” that I wanted to put this technique into a book to help others trying to pass the tests.

So the original question is not if “NACHI” guys would buy the book, but do you see a market for it and since municipals all over the country are going to cross trained inspectors…I have no DOUBT it has a market…Again the comments I am going for is not really for Home Inspectors ( while they will still learn from it)…I asked it here because you are my friends…not my market group.

Anything from you Paul would be an enormous assistance. You have an uncanny ability to make seemingly difficult material into very understandable terms without “dumbing” it down or losing the terminology… if that makes sense. :slight_smile:

I understand…and take pride in your statement…:wink:

With a few exceptions, the success of a book, almost any book, has almost nothing to do with its content, subject matter or author.

Of course there is always the Stephen King exceptions, or the guy who just happened to finish a book on Sarah Palin a month before she was asked to run as the V.P. candidate. But those aside, sales is almost solely reliant on marketing.