supplemental book for inspectors

I’m studying to be a home inspector and saw this series at Lowes. I found them on barnes & noble and wanted to see what other books you all recommend.

As you can see there’s all types of topics. I’m looking to build my library of knowledge and thought this series would be better suited for home inspectors over the Black & Decker series.

Is there a better series you all recommend? Looking forward to your responses!


Stephen Rager

Why not use all of NACHI’s courses and articles?

Like Ian said. Your better off with all of the FREE articles internachi provides and if you want to spend money on books head over to inspector outlet.Com

You will learn way more from internachi books articles and courses than any those. Homeowners buy those, and they expect you to know more than what is in those books when they hire you. Your just wasting money.

Go through everything you can from this site and member board and ask lots of questions. Oh… And welcome!

Be aware that many commercially produced books contain mistakes, and if you are lucky, you will find out about it in an official recall. I remember not that many years ago that Black and Decker had WRONG electrical diagrams, and a few DIY’ers got zapped. I believe that Stanley also had some issues.

Be assured that any InterNACHI produced books have been vetted by many knowledgeable experts and inspectors before going to print. Also, since you are purchasing direct, I would assume if a mistake was discovered, Inspectors Outlet would make it right, especially since they have your info on file to contact you!

I headed over to the inspector outlet and located this.

Has anyone purchased it? If so, what’s your opinion?

I’m using as many resources from InterNACHI as possible. I’m utilizing the videos as well.

I like to have physical books so I can highlight and tab them out. Plus, I can read them on the road and at lunch, you get the point.

Than you all for the comments,



I’m the same way with physical books. Take a look at some materials by Carson Dunlap. I found one called Principles of Home Inspection - Systems and Standards. Picked it up used on Amazon for not too much and it was like new. Very thorough and well organized.

ICC has also some good information…

Did you purchase the InterNACHI library as well? If so, any thoughts?


Stephen Rager

I didn’t purchase the books. I’m assuming it’s the same content that’s available in the online courses, so I’ve been going that route. To be honest, it’s great info for sure, but it’s just not organized in a way that I can easily digest and retain. So I personally wouldn’t be inclined to buy the InterNACHI publications, but I know a lot of experienced inspectors here seem to think very highly of them. You might want to start with one and see how you like it.

The problem with electrical books or roofing books that you can get anywhere is that they are just that… electrical books and roofing books. They aren’t electrical inspection for home inspectors books or roofing inspection for home inspectors books, which are completely different animals.

Remember, inspecting an old roof has almost nothing to do with installing a new roof.