Electrical Inspections

Looks Like We Have Some Competition!!

Mario, they are not our competitors. This is the agency that oversee electrical safety. http://www.esainspection.net/ They do not perform home inspections.



Unfortunately it is the insurance companies that have made this an issue. I have said for years the facts do not back up the claims the insurers are making that KT wiring is causing or creating more home fires. It is a reaction of the insurance companies reducing their risk.

Fwiw. Ontario Hydro has never condemned KT, aluminum, or 60 amp service, but many insurance companies have condemned it! The insurance companies are not an inspection or code authority. They have no power whatsoever other then what they wish to dictate as policy.

Ray And Yuri

I Agree,what The Insurance Industry Wants Is Usually What They Get.they Like To Cover There Six.sometimes I Can’t Blame Them


Recieved this the other day from OAHI


Sorry I feel this is just Terry Carson and his Group
( They are the group that Many have no idea about who really run OAHI ) (The BOD are just figure heads and do not have much authority on this association)
( my feelings from many past dealings with them ).
…have a lot to say that will not effect me and most other great inspectors.
As per usual OAHI seems to run on fear for most decisions .
Remember OAHI has never won an appeal yet that I know of that has been put forth by a member.

Roy Cooke …Royshomeinspection.com

Not any different then inspector walking roofs. If you are not harnessed and tied off the Ministry of Labour will find you and fine you!

Ray I agree and I will continue to walk roofs and take covers off panels.How ells can we do a proper inspection.


I don’t walk roofs, unless I can safely reach it with my 10’ folding ladder. If I can’t its from the ground (obviously as I don’t own an helicopter) with or without binoculars. Have been doing it this way for years now. No complaints.

Ray I do the same thing if it cannot be done safely I will inspect the best I can from the ground, ladder at eve or with field glasses.The guy I work for fell off of a ladder 2 years ago and now he can’t do inspections because of his injuries, and I do not want to end up like.


You’d be surprised at the number of inspectors who have fallen from roofs. Just ask any nurse or doctor at emergency ward in hospital. They will tell you they see more injuries as a result of ladder accidents.

Remember to only climb as high as you care to fall. A tight bungee cord around the rails and fastened securely to the gutter helps. A level footing is a must.

I would suggest that simply removing the panel cover does not constitute "working " near electricty. I do not know of an electrician that does not remove the panel cover to look at a panel while the main is still powered up. This, along with the rediculous requirement that we tie off when on a roof, is just going a little too far. How are we supposed to get to the tie off point without walking on the damned roof and then spend time finding the tie offs. By the time I have done that the roof inspection is just about over.


I think the message being sent out is that inspectors should take appropriate precautions, i.e. wear appropriate clothing, shoes, safety glasses when checking the panel.

Nothing like scaring the living day lights out of client. Hard hat, rubber boots,
big rubber gloves, full face sheild, big rubber mat and etc. I think I might try that and see who goes runnig out the door first, client or agent.

I golf with an ESA inspector once week and asked him about this as far as he is concerned, as long as we use the proper safty equipment ie; glasses gloves and work shoe that are rated he has no problem with us taking of the cover of a panel.Like he said to me how ells would you be able to do a proper inspection.It’s just the goverment an ESA protecting their a$$.

I had a realtor tell me that one inspector before taking a look in the attic dawned a Tyvek suit, filter, goggles… I asked the realtor if there was any concern with mould, or other issue for the inspector to dawn such attire. The realtor said no, nothing, and the attic was fine. Melodramtic? I’d say. There is nothing like scaring the be-jesus out of the clients.

Ray, I don’t take a look in the attic, I go into the attic. I don’t wear Tyvek suit, but I put on coverall and full face respirator. Besides fiberglass, that is very dusty and itchy, you never know what else could be there.


Where is a good place to pick up the electrical gloves and mat (Ontario) ? Any suggestions appreciated.