Electrical outlet location

Saw a home today with a 110v outlet mounted directly below the washer hot & cold connections. The hot & cold connections were in a in wall mount box that had the over flow inside the box. But its still a safety hazzard if and water was to leak out so I flagged it to be relocated and install a GFCI for protection was this the correct action.

got a picture Joe?

Sorry no picture but is there any standards on the distance between outlets and a water sources

No. I don’t believe there is, aside from tub/showers and such.

GFCI not required at washing machine, receptacle should be on a dedicated circuit though. Within 6’ of sink/tub in laundry room, yes.

CBC Inspections

I don’t believe this should be called out. However, without an image I reserve judgement. However, ANYTHING with water in nature could overflow and this could happen in any area so I don’t see a real concern to elevate it on the report. Their is a higher risk of children sticking forks in outlets…and we have tried to address that in the 2008 NEC but the NEC tells us to make sure the receptacle is within 6’ of the appliance space but nothing more. Also consider garbage disposals in kitchens that are cord and plug…not required to be GFCI as they dont serve the counter but what if the sink leaks or overflows. Result is we can’t protect everyone from everything sad to say.

Here’s an interesting location.


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