Electrical Panel Clearance

The seller of this house is debating the fact that the house was built in the 1980’s and that his “electrician friend” told him that there were no electrical panel clearance requirements in the code back then.

I found in the NEC 110.26 that there were requirements for workspace clearances all the way back to 1965, the dimensions have changes, but the requirement has been there for decades.

Look at the picture and please let me know your thoughts. The tub platform extends to the wall the the panel is on. I had to stand on it to remove the panel cover.

panel workspace.jpg

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As you already know the sparkys feelings about this matter don’t matter here. The code does and even more so common sense rules over this situation. Panel or tub have to be moved! Problem is that unless they can turn it around in the wall cavity they’ll have to run a new SEC for the new location.

Clearance !?

WTF? It’s a bathroom isn’t it?!

Don’t need no clearance in a bathroom…

…it can’t be there in the first place.

Wow, long story short, this panel installation was in no way permitted and is not up to code past or present. Electrical codes surrounding distance from water/conductible sources have been around in Illinois since 1960!

Also viewing the panel there is other considerations such as the breaker height which is not met (main breaker is too high). The 30" clearance from the center of the panel is not met and the 36" clearance from the front is not met.

All the way around, even if the tub was removed; this load center would not pass code.

Andrew …

You’re wasting your time. Anytime I have SELLER tell me **************

I sweetly say, “Wow, thats good to know”. To authenticate that, have your licensed, competent &%$#@* send me the reference in the code book that says thats OK".

NEVER let them make you prove your opinion … IF they question MY opinion, THEY need to send ME written proof. I got WAY to many things to do for me to be running around trying to give them proof I’m right.

Let them PROVE you’re wrong.

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PS … Screw the clearances … Listen to David A. regarding the bathroom location

I like this graphic, but I don’t use it because I thought the wording “service equipment” implies main service disconnects/panels only. Not accurate when using the graphic for a remote distribution (sub) panel.

Am I wrong in my thinking?

Thanks in advance.