Main Panel (Access)

Home is 1956. Former Garage and now Family Room

  • Panel location is original but the framing around it occurred later.

I removed the screws but could not get the panel cover squeezed thru the framing and over the breakers due to lack of clearance.

Agent feels the Electrician worked on it this week so it must be OK.

I noted lack of clearance / access and lack of Underwriter Inspection for the electrical additions.

Need the specific Electrical Code regarding access requirements…

Hi Joe. I don’t have specific NEC # yet but I’ll look more:

ELECTRICAL%20%28228%29 [640x480].JPG

Here ya go:

FIGURE E3305.1


Looks like a two piece panel :)cover.

I have never separated them to remove a cover panel before.
The innner panel is attached to the Main and is adjustable in and out to align.
Does that make it acceptable?

No, it doesn’t.

Two NEC violations (graphics from 2011 NECH):

110.26(E) Dedicated equipment space:

110.26(A) Required working space:

IMHO no one will pay to fix it.

The panel screws are accessible.

I call them out and include a workspace diagram.

Thursday’s Duplex inspect…

Thursdays Duplex inspection…

Thanks for the help.

Another…just remove the cabinet, what?

S6302926 [640x480].JPG

S6302926 [640x480].JPG

Am I seeing that right… the edge of the cabinet is sitting on the edge of the panel cover? :roll:

How difficult would it have been to cut 1/4 inch off the covers edge? :neutral:

That’s a safety feature, remove all panel screws and the deadfront holds itself up.
Then slide her out. ;):slight_smile:

There goes Marcel making lemonade out of lemons again! :mrgreen::wink:

Go ahead, but I didn’t want to repair/replace the drywall paper or the cabinet sidewall veneer. :slight_smile:

Panel board was not inspected due to the cabinet holder and tools were required to repair after inspection. :mrgreen:;):slight_smile:

Yes, I deferred 1 out of 5,or so. :slight_smile:

I do the same thing. ;):slight_smile: