Electrical Panel Installation

I’m sure I read before that the electrical panel must be installed on a non-flamable material such as drywall. But I think there were exceptions.

Can anyone tell me if it is true the panel must be installed on non-flamable material and are there exceptions? I suppose it would be different in ever state, but up here in Ontario Canada I’m sure there is a requirement.

Chistopher I believe it was a requirment some years ago for the panel to be installed on a non flamable material ,but I also believe that the requirment was drop just a few years ago

Good question…now personally I install every panel on treated plywood because it looks nice and professional having the NM Cables stapled to it as they come down and into the enclosure.

But I do not recall it being a requirement per say…now many mount panels directly to block walls and the panels are made in such a way they have a 1/4" stand off for air circulation and so on…but in regards to the mounting on plywood…not sure it is a big problem.

Must have been a Canada thing. I have never heard of this.
All my masonary mounted panels are on plywood as Paul does, only I use A-C.

Also, how many panels have we all seen mounted to the framing of finished walls? It doesn’t get much closer to flamable than that.

Doesn’t do much good if they insist on mounting it above the clothes dryer and it is full of fine lint. Lint is an absolutely excellent emergency fire starter. Find panels in the laundry rooms are often full of it too.

Especially when used inside a dryer. :shock:

Ewwww! You use NM for wiring raceways? How barbaric! :cool:

haven’t you ever heard or EMT? :mrgreen:

PLEASE NOTE; This is just ‘chain pulling’ of a friends.

lol…WHAT…we are LESS barbaric because we use MODERN cable other than that “HARD METAL PIPE” you guys in that freakish state use…thehehehehehhe:mrgreen:

Now see here Monkey Avatar fellow…lol…you know somethings up when 95% of the US allows NM Cable and Illinois does not…can you say…Capone…?

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The requirement as Rob alluded to was dropped sometime ago by ESA.


I understand.

The fine art of EMT bending is a subtle thing. Well beyond most electricians grasp. :mrgreen:

lol…I bent that stuff up to 4" for nearly 12 years of my career…I was GLAD to leave that “subtle thing” years ago…lol…

From the good ole Benfield Bender to the Hydralic Bender…my PIPE luggin days are over…thehehe

Hey Paul what are the requirments for fastening wires, the distance from where wires enter/exit the main panel? What I mean is that if the panel is mounted on a masonary wall about 4 feet from the ceiling, the incoming and outgoing wires need to be secured ( what 12" from box?) without plywood like you use behind your installs to fasten wires to what should I see for proper fastners for when mounted to block only?


If you are speaking of NM Cable then you should always see the cables going into enclosures via a connector for support and retention and the wires need to be fastened within 12" of the enclosure. Section 334.30

Block or plywood the support requirement is still their.....

Note: their is an exception for single gang non-metallic boxes just in case anyone wants to know...no cable securing means are needed if stapled within 8" of the box.....but I wont dable in that..if anyone wants to review the exception check out Sec 314.17(C)Ex