Is this material ok to be installed inside panel?

Notice on the left wall of the panel. I believe it is a type of hard particleboard. Is there such a term & is this a fire hazard?

since the pic wasn’t rotated it’s on the top wall.

Not sure what the material is but it looks like I see two wires under one screw on the Neutrals .
Also for Canadians there is white and grounds on same buss not allowed in Canada

Any idea why that stuff is in there?

I would call that out Richard. Modifying a listed electrical enclousure is not allowed. It is a safety hazard as well as a fire hazard.
I am sure the sparkies here can elaborate on this one from the NEC code. :slight_smile:

Neutrals and grounds can’t be on the same bar even in the service equipment? Didn’t know that. I must be reading too many American posts.

It is no allowed in America either, but electrictrians do it all the time in the great U.S.A.

There is not enough terminals on the neutral bar anyway. That is why it is probably like that.

Here’s the photo. Are you saying that in the USA the neutrals and EGC’s on the same bus in a service are a violation?

James you know better than that. Only at remote distribution (sub) panels.

Possibly something to keep the wires from rubbing up against a sharp screw head. That being the normal mounting hole location on most panels.

Texan-bit-o-trash-wedge to hold conductors away from the front cover screw, trash should be removed…

Fig. 4.

Neutral terminations

See 110.14(A) for additional terminal requirements.

Each neutral conductor within a panelboard must terminate to an individual terminal [408.41] — that is, don’t put two neutrals on the same termination point.