Electrical Panel

I need some help with this I did an inspection today and found this I know its close to the sliding doors first of all but is this allowed to have a main power panel out doors. It had a new breaker box installed also but I am not sure why we have the need for the outdoor panel box. I am in ohio and the box doesnt even appear to be a weather enclosed type has anyone seen this before and is it allowed.

An means of disconnect is required anytime the service conductors are not “as short as pratical”. You don’t say where the interior panel is in relationship to where the conduit enters the wall.

Its in a laundry room no where near where the conduit enters the wall

That explains the exterior disconnect. It would be required due to the length of cable in the dwelling.

A believe that the disconnect is also an exterior rated enclosure due to the lip above the door.

I agree with Jim, the disconnect switch appears to be a 3R enclosure due to the lip at the top. It should say so on the nameplate. Also as Jim stated unless that panel was right on the other said of the wall from where the conduit body penetrates the wall the disconnect is required.

It also appears that there is SER cable in that raceway. The neutral bus in the panel should be isolated from the panel enclosure, (it’s hard to tell if it is in the photo). IMO the SER in the LB conduit body is a violation of 338.24 of the 2008 NEC. It’s not possible to maintain the 5X bend radius of the cable within that conduit body. Although it may not have looked as nice an elbow would have been a better choice.

99% of the service-equipment panels in CA are exterior mounted. There is no problem having the service disconnect outside, so long as the enclosure is properly rated for outdoors.

It appears that the stand-off’s are on the grounding terminal rather than the neutral terminal.

That wall sconce does not look outdoor rated.

Yes, that was my guess as well from what I could see in the photo.

Hope they don’t want to put that window back in. I would say it’s exterior rated not only for the lip but the threaded connector on top.