Electrical problem need help

I have a RV storage facility that was wired by an idiot, First let me explain the set up, at the main gate there is a 100 Amp panel, the RV parking lot has about 32 parking spaces so it is all together about 465 feet,it has four wood telephone poles in a straight line, that have four 20amp receps on them for the diesel pushers and other RVs to plug into while they sit, equally spaced throughout the 465 foot length, first station at about 120 feet away from the panel,second another 120feet, third another 120 feet,and forth station at the full 465 feet from the panel, that’s half the length of the Titanic,Here is where the idiot comes in:shock: he runs one 3/4 PVC run from the panel under the asphalt to the first pole ,or station as I will call them,with of course his #12awg solid wire to the 120volt receps the first two stations are ok but third and fourth have only about 110-114volts by the time the juice gets there. If I had a $225000.RV parked there I think I might like to get 120volts for my trickle charge during the winter,in any case I need to solve this problem of voltage drop and I only have 3/4 PVC to pull wire through.I was thinking of yarding out the wire to the first station and putting in a 50 Amp sub panel there two #6awg and one#8 and #10ground that takes care of station one,I could drop off 4 15amp ckts there out of the panel,MY question to all you inspectors is how can I get 120volts down to that last station some 340 feet away ANY IDEAS OUT THERE,I can only pull 9 # 10s in a 3/4 with 1#12 ground and I would like to get about 3-4 ckts at each of the three stations voltage drop is a factor,what about a 50 amp ckt all the way through the 3/4PVC to the end and tap off for 15amp receps.???IS this a per NEC code installation Any thoughts?Thanks

This is not a do-it-yourself forum. No inspector is going to give you specific information due to the possible liabilities.

Recommend you get a QUALIFIED, Washington State Licensed electrician to help you with your issues. Depending on where in WA you are located, one of the best is located out of Olympia and serves the South Puget Sound area. Jim Simmons, Master Electrician, qualified to wire ANY SIZE service in WA State from single family homes to power plants. (360) 280-8346

I am a licensed WA Electrical Contractor just looking to get help from a ELECTRICAL -inspector no disrespect intended

So are you a master electrician or electrical administrator? In order to be a Licensed Electrical Contractor in this state you must have one of the above designated.

No disrespect taken. But very few if any on this message board are Electrical Inspectors. Check with WA State L & I. They are more than happy to help.

Then you should know about voltage drop and what is happening.
Your questions to me say you must have missed a few classes at trade school.
Sorry there is more info required then you can get here… Roy

No offense, but you should be well aware of the correct possibilities as a licensed contractor. As it stands, whatever the case maybe, you need a qualified contractor to make the proper determination.