Numerous issues!!

Just thought I would post to see what all is wrong here.

Please list all defects you can find.

I recommend removing all 4 panels and have one new panel installed.

The main service wires passed through the remote distribution and I do believe this is a violation.

I could not get the cover off the lower left side panel as the other panel was right on top of it.

I may have some close ups of the sub if you would like to look at.

Sub only rated for 30 amps. The 50 amp is for the stove.

152309 027 (Small).jpg

152309 025 (Small).jpg

152309 032 (Small).jpg

Its got me lost !!


Non standard feed wire conductor run and non standard Panel placement.
Electrician recommended to evaluate.

As Ed said it is a thinker.

There are too many defects to list them all. The entire installation is improper and should be corrected by a qualified electrician. There’s no need to evaluate this any further.

What Jeff said. To top it off, FPE panel.

When I see FPE panels I always recommend an evaluation of the electrical system. These panels are old and there has been controversy over them. Some electricians say they are OK others say they need replaced. I have read articles on these that say the breakers can fall out when the panels are open, so I do not even take the cover off. Also, most of the time when I find one it is a 50 or 70 amp main which is rather small in today,s world. If it was me would recommend an evaluation by a licensed electrician and upgrade to non screw in fuse type panel.

The reason I posted was to try to get other opinions on the type of defects.

I know there are numerous defects and the panels need to be replaced/updated.

I know about the FPE issues.

There may have been a defect that I might not be aware of for future reference.

For example the main SEC passesthrough a remote distribution panel. I believe this is not allowed. Was looking for this kind of feed back.

Kind of like the panel that INachi used one of there educational programs and Ben and Paul A. were dissecting every defect. (This was a newer panel)