Electrical sub panel

Have this electrical sub panel for an electric water heater. Is this grounded correctly? There ground has been screwed to the panel and it looks like to the neutral buss bar. See picture.

Picture 032.jpg

No neutral is connected so it does not matter at this point. Where is the ground from the feeder circuit? Is it connected with metal conduit back to the main panel?

I do not know. There is the main panel and next to it the sub panel. Two meters on for the main and one for the sub panel. 2 meters has something to do with the electric company and giving a break with the electric water heater. The ground comes in from the back of the sub panel, through the wall. I am thinking about recommending an electrician verify that it is wired correctly.

The installation doesn’t meet Code even as viewed because the equipment gounding conductor is run around a wood screw and then continues to the ground bus. The wood screw is not an approved method for making ground to the enclosure, assuming the enclosure is grounded via EMT from the meter. It’s at best a weak and ineffective connection.

The equipment ground conductor from the water heater should be freed from that screw and remain connected at the ground bus.

The grounding electrode conductor you described as “comes in from the back of the sub panel, through the wall” should be connected directly to the ground bus. I don’t see that conductor, so you should provide some more info; what’s it connected to at each end?

The bus should then be bonded to the enclosure with an approved bonding bolt.

Firsty, It appears that no EGC was run to this disconnect. Now, if for a second we assumed it was connected with EMT then we could say thats fine and while the EGC from the circuit is wrapping around non-compliant 250.8 screw termination and then onto a buss bar that is isolated anyway…so if you did remove it from the screw it would then have ZERO chance of doing anything without a proper bonding jumper.

I would venture to say that it is not EMT feeding it and no EGC was run so call it out as it is and let the licensed electrical contractor deal with it.