Electrical Wire Through Steel Post

I have never seen this before. A receptalce wired through a steel post. It appears to be grounded. There was a sunken area above this and the post appears permanent.

Feels hollow, no concrete in it.

Two questions, is hollow permanent post a defect? And is the wiring through allowed. I can’t test the 240 but the 120 were wired right.

I don’t this so , but it needs a grommet/bushing where it enters and exits the post.


I am curious about this bond/ground connector. Looks improper/undersized. I would expect an appropriate lug. The paint does not make me any more confident. Hopefully and electrician chimes in.



I would call it out simply because the integrity of the jack post has been compromised. It would have been far simpler to clamp conduit to the jack post and run wires through that. Strong possibility the cable insulation has torn pulling it past the screw . As for the 240v you should have a solenoid tester to test that.

Kind of useless outlet at 20A. The only thing I can think of to run at that voltage are some commercial grade tools.


Where is the wire for the 120v circuit?

I’m guessing they just pulled from one leg of the 240. :man_shrugging: