not in a one room fishing cabin…

Lots of different answers. Anyone want to chime in. I believe technically no, but…


It is not “required”, but why wouldn’t you?

60 amps is rarely sufficient in today’s world, and you likely see that in 100 year old plus homes.

I’d venture to say the home has many open ground or two wire outlets, and knob and tube wiring as well.

I almost always do more than “required”.

Do more, charge more.

Your customer deserves it, and you earned it.

I rarely see it anymore but IMO it is wise to call out in your report any service Less Than 100 AMPS.

THAT would be my answer.

It all depends. My mom’s house is 60 amp. Outlets and lights only. Cooking is all gas, heating is all gas, water heating is all gas.

And to take it further, knob and tube in pristine condition, and a copper bussed Zinsco panel. Not changing a thing. :wink:

Multi-family units (apartments) are commonly 60amp. Good luck getting that upgraded unless one is purchasing the entire structure.

I totally understand while inspecting your Mom’s house why you would want to bury important details in the report so as not to be a Deal Killer Stephen. :smiley:

Everyone has made good points.

To the original question,

so far at least 4 have some studying to do. :mrgreen:

No deal, no transaction. 1952 build. Only owners / builders have been my parents. Lath & Plaster walls in a seismic zone and no cracks… anywhere. Same with the original stucco exterior. I think I still have original photos somewhere. I have the daily diary of exactly what was done and how much each board cost.