Gentlemen, I have a question.
What is the minimum height requirement for an electrical panel?

Without running out to the truck for a book, I believe it’s 44 inches… Someone will be along shortly to correctly (and with a reference, no doubt:) ) answer for you…

6 ft 7 inches max to the disconnect breaker from the finished floor as per the code check chart

Now, I see you wanted the minimum… sorry…

I think you’ll find there is no minimum, try http://www.nachi.org/bbsystem/viewtopic.php?t=16050&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=minimum panel heighth height

If you go with the top breaker being at eye height you won’t go wrong.

that may be reasonable, unless the electrician is seven feet tall and could qualify for the NBA.

The last rule I have on hand, unless it has been changed is out of the book “Electrical Code Simplified” 21st Edition and it states in SECTION 14 Service Panel, HEIGHT - Rule 6-206(1), 26-442(2)

" **Minimum Height Above Floor - **The code no longer specifies a minimum height for the panel. The revised rule now simply says the panel must always be placed **as high as possible, but never more than 1.7m (67 in) to the top of the top breaker **in the panel."

Now I do not have the most recent edition on hand, but would suspect that this rule has not changed much since the 21st edition of this publication.


I have seen them up over my head. I am 5’9".

Just checked the Carson Dunlop Electrical home study book and they are suggesting 5 1/2 ft to centre of panel from floor

You are correct, I checked my code book today and it is 1.7m to the highets breaker.

glad I could be of assistance.

Wouldn’t that be at eye height? I refer to my first post.

Does that theory hold true if you are a midget? :slight_smile:

as I stated in my post unless the electrician is seven feet tall and could nearly qualify for the NBA.
I would suggest let’s follow the hydro rules, if available, rather than guessing.


How high is 1.7 meters

I like English

Feet & inches

approximately 6 feet.

5’- 6 15/16" to be a little more precise. Which happens to be exactly eye level for me!:wink: