Main panel Height

Whats the rule on panel max height? Is it 6’6" to main breaker, top of panel, any breaker? Inspected 32 year old home with main in garage.
The main breaker was about 7’ off ground.

Are there some comments that you add to report?

From purely a code standpoint the center of the grip of the operating handle of the switch or circuit breaker when in the highest position is not more than 6’7"…we can read that in 404.8 of the NEC. Then of course we see it again in 240.24 (A) as well…again the 6’7" threshold.

So in reality it’s more a switch and OCPD thing that limits it in your question. However, knowing what code cycle was being enforced when it was originally installed is important also. What may have been legal once is now illegal but may remain. It’s you guys who have to determine if a hazard exists for your potential client.