Electrician or handyman repair?

I did an inspection last month where a homeowner ran an extension cord from an outlet through a wall, that fed an outlet in the adjoining room. The electrician repaired and billed the realtor (I DID see a copy of the invoice). This still looks like a homeowner repair!:shock: Scary!!

The company was contacted and a different electrician notched studs and added protection plates. :roll:

Picture 001 (Small).jpg

Picture 002 (Small).jpg

Shame, with wall already open to simple to remove the wire drill the studs and reinstall the wire ,
Roy Cooke

:wink: as long as he uses something OTHER than an extension cord…:shock:

You spoil all the fun .
The picture looked like they had replaced the extension cord with romex .
Roy Cooke

Yeah…I was just Joshin with ya…I kinda get like that…:slight_smile:

The only way to fly ,life is too short to not enjoy every day to its fullest.
Roy Cooke

I see this stuff all the time. In many cases, the homeowner or family member’s work is neater, and sometimes BETTER, than the paid electrician, who may be an apprencice to begin with!

My wife is always confused by electricians and plumbers who think it is easier to fix a small hole in drywall than to fix a big one. A small irregular patch is always harder to hide than a big square one. You should paint the whole wall anyway.

I agree GREG…if it was me I would have CUT a patch 3" wide by the length needed…drilled my holes THROUGH the studs and then come back and patched the entire span.

Easier to TAPE, MUD and Blend Out…and then prime it and paint the entire surface and it would have looked like it was there all along…nice little DIY project.