Plumbing or Electricial?

Well which is it?

I could give you details as to what that is, but the question is not clear.
If you are asking what that is I am sure everyone knows.

Robert, it is ok if you don’t know. :smiley:

It looks like one helping the other, as long as pressure from the dishwasher doesn’t pull the wire out of the wall.

I used to install those DW drain lines every day for a living so do not go there.
Happy now?

If I was a HI I would be looking towards the electrical problem first and the plumbing problem second,but I would report both as BS.:mrgreen:

Actualy from the drain standpoint there is no problem.Although it is not a standard hole strap type bracket.

Oops …I take that back as the hose needs to go above the bottom of the sink.

You asked your wife didn’t you Robert. :wink:

:mrgreen: Yeah …her and her four sisters.

Hell, I had to call a HI before I could answer…:wink:

Thanx BK.

I am absolutly shocked that noone has voted for electrical problem…:shock::shock::shock:

I would think that exposed NMC would be more important than a possible cross connection. Maybee I have lost my edge…

Cables and raceways may not be used as a means of support…

I am fairly sure they may not be exposed inside of a cabinet either.

You would think that would be a vote for electrical then wouldn’t you? :smiley:

I would think so… Must be the newbie hour on this MB. lol

Maybe you should PM James B. for the answer as he is all knowing in all things, well maybe not Home inspection stuff.;-):shock:

Next thing you know Marc is going to tell me I should take all the coat hangers off my conduit downstairs.

That would be best… Hang a damn cord for God’s sake…:cool::mrgreen:

Depends on where you live. I don’t like it, but it would fly in every jurisdiction I work in. The pic is obvious hack work, anyhow. Pull some reason out of the hopper to call work like that out. Plumbing, electrical, whatever… it’s crap work.

I call it every time, as far as I am concerned exposed NM is a violation and needs help.