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I booked an inspection for next Monday for a home that has an elevator to 3 different floors. I know elevators are outside of our SOP but was wondering if anyone with elevator experience within a home wanted to share any specific know-how tidbits. Maybe just refer them to an elevator professional for an inspection? Would you mention any descriptions, special features or safety devices? And, would you operate it?

Thanks in advance and I hope everyone has a great Turkey Day :smiley:

Push the button and see if it goes up and down. Other than that defer to an elevator company for inspection. Do not get in and go for a ride. I know an inspector that got stuck in one for five hours

Thank you for the advice, I do appreciate it. I was leaning that direction to begin with but thought I would float the question out there. I hope your inspector pal didnt have to listen to The Girl from Ipanema for five hours :shock:

I do the same thing…except I let the homeowner take it for a ride! :mrgreen:

I also defer it to an elevator specialist. I do take photos of the cab and the equipment if I can get to it, but basically disclaim the whole thing.

Thanks Brad. I agree with your assessment. Thanks for weighing in.

I usually open the roof hatch and climb up the cable to check for worn strands then climb into the pit to check for debris then view from below as a passenger uses the car. It is best to look straight up.

Good one Bob

I have done homes with elevators in them. Elevators are more complicated than one would think and are high liability. For everyone’s sake I always disclaim them and refer to an elevator specialist

Many of the newer 3 story townhomes around here have cable driven elevators. I disclaim them like the others have stated, but I have a look at the mechanicals (often in the attic) just for my own curiosity.


Hahaha, good one. Thanks Bob. Did you wear your special “razz the newbie” hat for your inspections today? :wink:

Thanks guys! I also didn’t know if residential elevators needed special annual inspections or some type of re-issuance of a certificate of operation when ownership changes. I think yall are right though, disclaiming is probably a Best Practice for this case.

I wouldn’t do that either. They can’t pay you if stuck in an elevator.

My clients are almost never the homeowner.

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