Elevator Question?

Has anyone inspected a home with an elevator? And if so what do you look for apart from the obvious. I will post pictures tomorrow.


I have seen elevators on construction draw inspections along with bowling alleys in the basement… $78,000 for excavation for a foundation to accomodate a bowling alley.:roll: :roll: and theaters under the pre cast garage floors in big $$$ homes.

I have never inspected a home with one, but I have seen a few home elevators, and I have inspected many commercial buildings with elevators. The main thing I would do is refer to an elevator professional for an inspection, unless there is documentation provided of an inspection performed within the last six months. If it is an enclosed car type elevator, I would determine if it is hydraulic or mechanical and put that in the description. I would determine if the car has a solid door or just a gate. A gate is hazardous for children, as they can reach through it, and I would report on that. I would describe any evident safety devices such as car and floor door interlocks. I would not operate a home elevator myself, but would allow the current owner or listing agent to demonstrate it.

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…but you have never seen an elevator in a home!! And yes this is a $3million house.

I will post the pictures tomorrow. This home is 5 floors including the basement and rooftop patio. The exterior of the elevator blends in with the decor of the house [normal door] the inside has a metal gate with a control panel.


It’s funny that you mention a “Gate” it actually has 2 gates as the elevator opens from 2 different sides depending on the floor that you are on.


Mario, you pretty much answered your own question.

Here in Maine, elevators or chairlifts all have to be inspected and certified by the Elevator and Tramway Division of the State of Maine.
I don’t know how it works in Canada.

I would note anything of the obvious such as hydraulic leaks, malfunctioning safety devices like door latches or door sensors, elevator recall smokes if applicable and the such, other than that it needs a certificate of approval for use for safety of the occupants.

Hope this helps.

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I didn’t notice an operating license or a rating.

In the states, this must be posted in all elevators…whether residential or commercial.


Yes I have seen resedential Elevators, defer it Mario.

I have inspected residences with elevators. I did the ThyssenKrupp course though McGraw Hill but I just checked and it seems to be gone now. It covered things like clearances, controls, saftey, etc. Try visiting http://www.tkaccess.com/ which has a lot of great info. They sent me a whole binder of great info in the mail at no charge when I did the course.

Here in the States, residential structures are limited to 3 stories in height in most cases.

Anything above 3 stories falls under commercial building codes.

This would therefore be a ‘commercial’ building and ‘commercial elevator’ here in the States…and subject to commercial elevator inspection and certification.

In my state, Pennsylvania, residential elevators are excluded from any Code compliance and only the manufacturer’s installation instructions rule.

If that is fact, then what and why is this required?
Don’t they need to inspect before the issue of certificates.?


§ 3800.97. Elevators.

Each elevator shall have a valid certificate of operation from the Department of Labor and Industry.


If you can afford to install an elevator in your new home as a luxury and not a necessity you can probably get past the code police with a dozen donuts and get their blessing.


I will take your advice Thanks!!

As promised here are the pictures. Notice the double gate that allows elevator to open [on some floors] at opposite side. I did check the exterior doors to see if they lock while elevator is on another floor.

And a few more.

Mario, I’ve seen a few and always defer, and when I do I make specific mention of the maintenance company (usually posted within the elevator). Cheers, mate, and I did enjoy meeting you. Take care, Keith.

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Just in case you hadn’t seen this yet, it might help your interests.


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