I declined this Home Inspection...Looking for advice.

I declined this home inspection based upon safety to myself. I advised the
client that he needed a licensed building contractor to talk with the Cities Building and safety dept. on what to do about a structure in this bad of shape.

Looking for advise from other Home Inspectors on how to handle a structure like this…




Is that a joke? Who would even consider buying that? I would have done the same, it’s not worth it. The only advise you could give is a bulldozer.

Based on the photographs that you provided I agree that there is definitely a “safety hazard”!

I can only imagine what the inside of this home looked like!

I’m sure that there were problems with the structural, electrical, mechanical not to mention the roof!

  • I’m also sure that you wouldn’t have “missed something” and since we live in a “litigious society” you put yourself at risk for a lawsuit.

In my opinion you did the right thing by declining this inspection and referring it to a “licensed contractor” and the local building official.

You made the right call by walking away!

Structure appears to be unsafe and unstable. Recommend further evaluation and correction by a licensed bulldozer driver for safety and protection of the enviroment.
LOL really Somebody wanted to pay you to do a home inspection. I would of done a report and charged a fee. And it would say what the begining comment would say.

Actually if you stop and think about it, this is a very easy inspection.

Walk the exterior take plenty of photos.

Enter the home with caution and take plenty of photos

Take plenty of photos of the electrical, heating & air, water heater, and visible plumbing pipes.

Get you money say thank you and leave. (never walk away without a pay check- ever)

At the office- Go to the SOP page on this web site and write up everything you are required to inspect, submit your report, and call it a day.

Should not take you more than 3 to 4 hours.


Exactly…I did feel like telling the customer that.




Where the heck around here did you find a place like that?!?!

That’s one hell of a POS.

I’m already there, so I’d report what I see and collect my fee.

I was at a house once (No where close to this bad, but bad), that was being bought by a mortgage lender who was also an investor. After about 45 minutes I called her and asked her if she wanted me to finish. I told her she didn’t need an inspection but instead needed a contractor to give her estimates on everything including roof structure. She said no, I reduced my fee since I didn’t finish, and sent her a one page summary.

I dont see a problem with it, Looks like it could be rented
Just a little tender loving care thats all ,some skirting to hide the foundation. and it is a 600.00 a month rental. gosh you fellows are always negative

Wow. Who would want to buy something like that?:slight_smile:

It was at the foot of Mt. Baldy…Claremont.

I would have declined the Inspection also. I believe you did the right thing.

Anyone living in there :slight_smile: inspect and collect not our job to get into the mind of the buyer

Realtor listing: Nice quaint little cottage backed by large shade trees. Back deck to enjoy entertaining and bar-b-q. Perfect home for the handy person looking to build some equity in their own home. Potential is endless.

I would have (and have done some worse) inspected it. It is easy to write the report for these. Everything is broken, trashed, worn out, did I say broken yet, and needs to be replaced, beyond repair, not salvageable, deteriorated beyond recognition, unsafe, unsavory, polluted, spoiled, severely damaged, etc. etc. etc.

They may have been buying it simply for the land and needed an inspection just to show the sellers the house was not worth zip.doodoo. I have seen some properties where the house was completely worthless but the sellers (and their agent) were trying to get money for something that just needed to be pushed over. All inspections can’t be on nice pretty homes with few discrepancies. I would have charged extra for this particular pos just because of the time to write up the report. LOTs of pics too, just so later none of the participants could try to blow smoke up any open orifice as to the actual conditions at the time of the inspection. In this case a thorough narrative report would be issued so I could describe in minute details the conditions and use every adjective to hammer the point home.

You learn how to write these kinds of reports in hurricane country. I call it a “Sherwin-Williams” report…you don’t just cya, You “Cover the Earth

Did they inform you of the condition of the home prior to your arrival?

My PIA states:

**"**WE reserve the right to charge an additional fee for homes in distress or cluttered; failure to notify US of such a property at the time of scheduling may result in the inspection being aborted and the CLIENT will be responsible for a $150.00 travel fee."

i would have done it. i like challenges.