Elevator Shaft

Thought this was interesting. Two story home with an elevator and the attic access in the top of the shaft. A first for me.


I had a similar one last year Wayne but it was a 3 story townhome and same situation with attic access.


Doesn’t seem like a very convenient location for an attic access.

Yep not handy location. Owner had to go through some procedures to drop the elevator and get the door open. At least it was on the interior where the A/C was running and the owners were super nice people. Oh yeah vaulted ceilings also. So my attic space was a cubicle shaft right on the eave. Could get easy photos of the truss connections and all the 8’s sticking out everywhere:mrgreen: Bert I guess you still win with a three story. Inspections can be an adventure.

Lol. You’re right Wayne and that’s one big reason I love doing what I do. Every day is different. Never a dull moment for sure.