Elite MGA vs who's better

Who does everybody here have insurance through? I have had Elite for the last two years and they were a great price, $1,200 + $1,300. For some reason their Underwriters all of a sudden have a problem with home inspectors. After speaking with the agent, who has been awesome the last 2 years, even he was wondering what the hell is going on. They quoted me at $2,300 for this year. Nothing has changed in the company, I don’t do any more or any less and my coverage is $1,000 more. The underwriters explanation for this is that there has been a lot of home inspectors getting sued. I don’t believe that because that means there was barely anybody getting sued in 2019 in 2020 and all of a sudden for 2021 there has been a mass exodus of home inspectors getting sued enough to wear my coverage had gone up 85%.
So, who do you use other than Elite?
My coverage has been 100,000/100,000, no mold-radon etc…

Here is another insurance company if you want to compare prices.

inspector pro insurance

I don’t know how they compare on price or service. I haven’t done a recent search for new insurance companies, so there probably are others out there.

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Check out nachi insurance. Would probably be better coverage and a better price.

That is Elite.

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Oh okay. Check out simply business. They are who I have I pay $1800.00 a year for liability and e&o both 1,000,000 coverage.

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I use NEXT Insurance for e and o and general liability, they have been okay by me. After the covid shut down, they reduced my premium by 12%.

Happy…… but I don’t know how they will handle any claims should any happen

I use Inspector Pro. They are not going to be the cheapest, but I think the service they provide is the best you will find. They do pre-claims assistance as well (have not had to use it yet!). My person is Carrie Lawson. Very personable and will work through paperwork, review any agreement docs etc. They are full service. For this, I am OK paying a bit more than when I used OREP. In my eyes, OREP was a zero on the service side.

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