Fetchreport.com Email Problem

Ths last couple reports I sent out did not reach my clients email.
I had to go back and send it again with the “add email” funcition.

Anyone else have this problem?

There is a spot on the very bottom to add email addresses and these
seem to reach there location, but the primary email does not seem
to be working.

I had that problem a couple of times…we are not notified if the email is returned…I think we should be notified by Fetch if there was a problem.

This has happened twice in a row now.
Now it has happened again when I manually tried to send it out again.

I sent it out with my email server to the same address and it works fine.
I waited over 24 hours to make sure there was not just some kind of
delay problem also.

I think a notice of non delivery would be great.

Hey guys, I’m looking into it. Will let you know soon.


What domain were you trying to send to? AOL? Hotmail? Yahoo? I’ve done some pretty extensive testing and it seems to be working fine.

It is working OK on the last inspection I did.

It did it again… email not sent out to my own address this time.

John, what email address does the email usually originate from? I can run it through a few checks I have to see if it’s on a spam list for any isp.

The emails are sent out from the fetchreport.com server.

Yes, but what email address is in the from field? Is it yours, or is it a nachi email address?

Fetchreport.com’s ip’s are not listed in any spammer lists. Chris, you might want to setup a SPF record for the domain, I know I had quite a few problems sending to Hotmail before I set one up. Also the reverse dns is not setup to return fetchreport.com. Quite a few of the big names like hotmail and aol hate this.

Yeah, we’re tweaking a few of the mailing settings. The SPF record isn’t set up yet 'cause the site will be on a new IP soon and I’m afraid it’ll get cached if I set it up on the current server. We’ll also be changing the way mail will be sent really soon so you get any failure notices, etc.


I just got three emails from fetchreport.com that have been due for
1 day now. Oh well.

I understand. Good luck! I’ve been round and round with the mail problems on several occasions. They are a pain to get resolved, especially when the problem is usually on the receiving end!