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According to the page you have for this(, it is going to real estate professionals all over the US. Can we get on that e-mail list? I’d like to know when it is sent, and what it says, so I can referr to it when I am talking to agents.

Yes. Sorry this is taking so long. Lot’s of legal issues and then I got bogged down with

Erin on top of it now.

Do we need to update our email newsletter list on the NACHI website? Can I have some papers for a home show on May 5? If you can get Erin to answer these questions it would be great?

No. I have the entire list of every licensed agent in U.S. and Canada. Sit back and enjoy… we got it.

Between, the nation wide Realtor Times, the Inspector
Cable channel, NACHI.TV, etc… this will make all other associations seem
like distant memories.

“Hey… can your remember that old association called Aashee or something
like that?”… “No, what are you talking about.”

Between, the nation wide Realtor Times, the Inspector
Cable channel, NACHI.TV, etc…


Lots and lots of web fiction!

Remember…Realtors remember (a bad inspection)!! From what I’m hearing in my area, the fastest growing company company (in #'s of HI’s) with mill produced certfied-in-a-week or so HI’s isn’t making that good an impression with the realtors.


Nick published similar paper I think last year with great fan fare. Then it died.
Now its being revived. But the fact is NACHI has not and is not making inroads in Canada, there are no regional meeting groups to speak of, nor is there any spokesperson for Nachi Canada.

[quote=Brian A. MacNeish]

Between, the nation wide Realtor Times, the Inspector
Cable channel, NACHI.TV, etc…

So tell me Brian, your education history

Your wrong. You can be a member in A$HI quicker than a week. As far as passing their test, just purchase the answers on the internet. Since we do not use a written test, ours is a computer based test, the questions and answers can not be purchased.

Ray, read and weep:

We are stronger in Canada, per capita, than anywhere in the world, especially Ontario (SE Florida, where our sister lab is, excepted).

And speaking of our sister lab, we’ve opened one up in Ontario last year and they are promoting InterNACHI members to all the retail outlets in Canada:

Furthermore, in the past 2 years, we’ve succeeded in making all proposed licensing legislation in Canada, InterNACHI-friendly (something it wasn’t a few years ago).

Furthermore, as of 5 minutes ago, despite having many more members in the U.S., ranks at 6,100 (only 6,100 sites out of many millions in Canada get more traffic than and no other inspection-related site in Canada is even ranked).

Furthermore, we hold more events in Canada (home shows, REALTOR Expos, etc) than all other associations combined.

Furthermore, we have the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, Inc incorporated in Canada as well.

Furthermore, almost everything we do is now Candaian-friendly (kilometers, provinces, etc.)

Furthermore, our last Convention was in Canada

Furthermore, a larger percentage per capita of Canadians watch www.NACHI.TV than any other place on earth.

Furthermore, one of the reasons we were so willing to change from "National… " to “International…” was because of our members in Canada (same with

Furthermore, we’re making a Canadian issue of … just for you. We’ll be targeting your area for heavy distribution. You won’t be able to swing a dead Canadian cat without hitting one :wink: .

I’d say we’re doing more than just making “inroads” in Canada.

More than a paper . . .
a project!