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Thank you, Ben.

Thanks Ben.

I like this video also and would like to use it how can I get my company info at the end of it ?

Never mind I fiqured it out but not for $19.00 a month thanks anyway

Order a customized video to embed on your own website.


Check it out - http://www.nachi.org/home-maintenance.htm

Instead of charging a monthly fee, you might get some takers on a one time setup fee.

Just try it for a month.
If it doesn’t work, then you can cancel. All you invested? $5.

Done. Check it out.

Done. Check it out.

Done. Check it out.

Affordable House Inspections customized video

Looks great.
I would be all over this except for one thing…
On every page of the downloadable info, your info and links to your biz page are there. I don’t mind (and expect) your “authored by” and “copywrite” info being there (at the beginning and end), but not on every single page. I want my clients to see “MY” info, or none at all. Certainly no links to where they can get the other info/stuff themselves. I want them to call me for their needs.

All fixed.
Check out the downloads. Consumer-friendly.

and my first client http://www.nachi.org/video-preview.htm