NACHI member gets 8 inspection jobs from InspectorSEEK last month alone!

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Subject: InspectorSeek IS WORTH EVERY PENNY


  • I wanted to drop you a note and let you know how pleased I am with *](

  • About two months ago I moved my website to a new host with many more features. One of the features is the ability to resolve the web site address of those who visit my website, and the website they linked from.*

  • Last month I received six links from All six of those links turned into inspections! My website in total was responsible for more than fourteen inspections last month! Two of those were linked back to my free web page from A real key is that my web site has a “Request a Quote” page that sends prospective client information to me in real time, so I can react quickly when someone requests information.*

  • No matter how you figure it, in total I have eight inspections in one month directly tracable to NACHI efforts to promote the membership! *

  • Thank you so much for helping my business become a real success!*

Bryant H. Wetzel
Colorado Home Inspections](

Oh, he’s the one.


I had 2 this month from inspector seek.

That would be my total of NACHI-driven inspections in two years.

Joe M.

What software package do you use to track where your inspection website traffic is originating from (in other words… how do you know)?

Unlike Bryant, most of our members don’t know why the traffic on their website (which is usually buried on page 127 of a google search) increases after they join NACHI (which owns 624 million webpages linking to member’s sites) because most members don’t have the capability to track it. I wish they did as I feel NACHI’s value in internet lead generation is often underated by our own members. And of course consumers don’t know or remember how they ended up on a NACHI member’s inspection website while surfing the internet, so asking them how they heard about you doesn’t count. They just say “from your website” but of course can’t recall how it was they ended up on a particular NACHI member’s search engine-buried website.

So, how did you track yours to be able to tell us the exact number? What software or hosting service do you use to be able to back track this?

Joe M.

I checked your site. Google lists only 2 sites that link to yours and they are both NACHI-owned:

Futhermore, www.FindanInspector.US, and all link to your site… and they are of course NACHI-owned sites.

There appears to be NO other links on the internet that link to your search engine-buried inspection site (other than those owned by NACHI)… Therefore one could say that ALL of your internet generated leads must have NACHI as their source of origin, no? Does the software or hosting service you are using to back track traffic source (to the point where you are able to post the exact number) indicate otherwise?


I wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I hate InspectorSeek.

I’ve been a member for almost 5 months have not gotten a single call or email from that service. I was encouraged, when I signed up, to enter a few dozen zip codes, thinking that would generate leads. Instead NACHI promotes InspectorSeek. The only thing I live within 20 miles of is cows. So, I get no leads, even though I’m willing to drive long distances.

  • No matter how you figure it, in total I have zero inspections in five months directly tracable to NACHI efforts to promote the membership! *

I agree with you 100%. InspectorSEEK punishes members who merely happen to sleep outside the markets they work in. InspectorSEEK does not even see the 20 zips you enter. Only does. I think is stinks as much as you do. I battled on the old message board in favor of your position but eventually lost to membership wishes.


Good news, I just hired an outside web design company to build us a homebuyer advice site. We own (which by the way gets 5 figure purchase offers from REALTORs every week). FindaGoodHome currently points to InspectorSEEK. We’ll use FindaGoodHome’s URL for the new homebuyer advice site instead of

Here’s the kicker: I’ll have it set up so that it doesn’t automatically put in every NACHI member. Instead we’ll announce instructions for members to enter themselves into it, that way only interested members are listed. AND… we’ll let members enter any zip code they want. If a member lives in New York but wants to work in Anchorage, Alaska… the member can simply put an Anchorage zip or postal code in. AND… we will market it direct to homebuyers.


I’ll start a new thread about it as soon as I have some progress. I’ll delay the project and get them on this new site for you instead.

You’re alright, Nick…I don’t care what I heard about you. :smiley:

That is wonderful! God bless you!!!

I’ll meet with them on Monday and get them on it. I have so many great homebuyer advice articles ready to go from that we essentially have all the pieces of the puzzle ready to put together. We should have done it years ago.

I got a call from someone who wanted inspections done on his 8 HUD properties twice a month, I thought wow great. Then he asked if I could mow the grass while I was there. I had to decline. NACHI National association of certified Horticulturalist and Inspectors. This is not my only NACHI generated referral just the funniest.

Sound about right. Don’t think i’ve seen 1 in the last 4-5 months.

Adam, A Plus

Adam, what software package or hosting function are you using to track where your website traffic is originating from to an accuracy by which you are able to post the number of leads you are getting? Tell us please.

HOLY CRAP! Now that is funny! Adam!!! I just checked. YOU DON’t EVEN HAVE ONE!!! (a website).

Of course no consumer surfing the web is going to be led to your site… IT DOESN’T EXIST.

My God man, at least set up the free one you get with NACHI membership and put it in your profile

*And the winner for the most mind-boggling post ever made… Adam Slimack… come on down! :smiley: *

Pardon me Nick. I thought this was referring to the Inspectorfinder which as i recall, wasn’t website reliant. My misunderstanding. To explain, recently let my prefab website run its course due to dissatisfaction with it, and am having a new one construced as soon as i get a few consectutive days off.

As far as most mindboggling posts ever, i would venture to bet a vote among members would confirm you are still the king.

King? Sounds like my kind of title… I’ll take it. :smiley:

Consider it done, your ‘Majesty’.

Seriously though, what about the InspectorSeek? Ive been pretty busy and not up to date on the goings on around here. What is the difference between the ‘Findainspector’ and ‘InspectorSeek’?