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**Vital Role
**Certified home inspectors play a vital role in a homeowner’s regular home maintenance plan by performing routine home maintenance inspections.

I almost did…until I watched the video.

Why would I want to direct someone who is already at my website to go to “Inspectorseek.com” to find someone to do their maintenance inspection?

I’ve been slammed with requests to embed the video.

You’re probably getting visitors to your site BECAUSE they FIRST found you on InspectorSeek.com.

Check out the leads generated by InspectorSeek.com - http://www.nachi.org/inspection-leads.htm

It would be crazy not to take advantage of this lead generation by InterNACHI.

Give me a video that DOESN’T suggest to the visitor that he visit another site to find a different inspector and I will be happy to embed it.

James, I posted the same thing over here

I have an idea, my video can send clients to you and yours can send clients to me. Okay? Problem solved!\:D/

I can edit the video. I’ll take out the “To find an inspector… InspectorSeek.com” part. I’ll then provide two versions. Might take me a few days.

InspectorSeek.com is sending clients to your site - whether you like InspectorSeek or not. :smile: http://www.nachi.org/inspection-leads.htm

I used InspectorSeek.com
Typed [size=3]Cassville, Missouri
Here’s what I got.[/size][size=3]
[size=3]attached pic.[/size]**

I went to InspectorSeek.com, typed Medford, NJ.

…and your point is?

Do you really think that all of the effort and expense that goes in to driving traffic to my site is invested well when…once there…I have a video of you directing them to another site where my name might appear at the top of a list for price shoppers? Not all who visit my site are from “Cassville”, anyway. Less than 1%, actually.

If you want me to imbed a video in my site, it will not contain references to any other site…just to the services that I offer.

What about references to InterNACHI?

I think you have a bunch of links on your site the takes potential clients away from you - such as http://www.vachi.info/home_inspectors/missouri_mo/ which is on your home page. How many leads does this link away from your site generate for you?

The point is… InspectorSeek.com generates leads. What you do with them when they are on your site is your problem.


Getting them to call me is the objective at that point.

Edit your video and omit the reference to inspectorseek.com…and in its place…say "Now that you know the value of a home maintenance inspection, and have found your home inspector, call him for an appointment, right now. "…(fade to black)…

Can we see how many hits our specific site gets?

Hmmm… Give me a few days. I’m finalizing the new, free InterNACHI course “How to Perform an Energy Audit.”

Ben, I posted over on the other thread. I have the same opinion as James B. I don’t want to have them on my site watching a video sending them somewhere else to find a qualified inspector.

That does not mean that I don’t like or respect the Inspectorseek benefit. I have Google Analytics on my site and can see the Inspectorseek referrals.

My entire point is when I have them on my site, I want to keep them on my site.

Ben even though I will never speak to Jim again he has a point and really it’s commen sense. Great video and I was very impressed until you advertised a way for my potential client who is already at my site to use to find other qualified inspectors. Now they go off looking for a better price and since we are both NACHI certified we must give out the same quality of service. As Jim stated take away the opportunity to direct traffic away from my site.

I agree with most here. Once they are on MY site, I don’t want them directed away from it. I know INACHI has to promote its’ services and branches, but the stuff we members like to use also has to directly help US, not the other NACHI guys in our area, if that makes sense at all. In short, if it takes them off our site, we are kind of telling them, hey there are others out there, why don’t you try one of them.

Jim can be an a_s sometimes, just except that fact and you and him can be great friends. He really pissed me off in the first few years. We are friends now though.


I would agree Ben I would not put anything that would lead a contact to another site that would allow them to choose from other inspectors. You are asking for price shopping.

Cool, guys!
Please refer to my previous comment.
Writing “How to Perform an Energy Audit” right now.