Emergency shut off for furnace.

1.Need to know if a shut off switch is required for a furnace age 2001?
2. how close to the unit it is required to be?
3. what year did this start to be recommended or required?
there is not one on the door assy. or outside of the unit.
4. And are main supply HVAC ducts still insulated on the inside of a metal duct where it meets the furnace.
thanks everyone you are always a great source of information.


thanks mr. currins
I am looking for the code or refferance why it has to be that way.

In michigan it is required to be on or adjacent to the equipment. Started in 2006 code. Yours may be different in your area.Call a code official.

That’s pretty much how it is I would think most everywhere.

I am confused by the insulation (inside ) the duct question.

On the main furnace supply duct (plenum) there is no insulation on the outside of the duct. I have been told and have seen that sometimes hardboard insulation similar to celotex board is put on the inside to insulate the duct. Is this ok for a 2001 installation. I have seen it on older but not on newer units.

Note 422.31(B)


The reason for the switch being away from the unit is for emergency shut down, In some area’s the switch must be marked and even a red color .