Emergency shut off switch Manufact home

I inspected a home the other day and have to go back being water was not on. It was a Manufactured home built 2001. The furnace had no Emergency shut off switch? It was on the main floor. Doesn’t it need one?
Also, the furnace filters were in the door, two of them. Are these the only filters? It the blower on top. It was a coleman.
Thanks for any insight on this

Hi Andy,

The furnace should have an emergency shut of switch somewhere, and yes the filters are most likely in the cabinet front as this is probably a downdraft furnace (hence the blower on top) with the single air return being in the door.

Also check that the unit is not subject to recall as many of this era had heat exchanger issues.

See this link



When i viewed this unit it was blowing the flames pretty well. I am bring my HVAC buddy with me tonight to check it out as that is what i think is going on with this unit.


Mine doesn’t appear to be on the recall list DGAA070BDTA (ser#010316804). But i think the heat exchanger is bad.
Hopefully my HVAC guy agrees.