hvac switch

Is it required to have a switch to turn off the HVAC unit or is it acceptable to be wired directly

For an indoor furnace there should be a switch between the furnace and the furnace room door. In in a basement, and not in a separate room, a switch should be between the basement steps and the furnace.

At exterior AC or Heat Pump there should be a disconnect within sight and readily accessible.

A switch, or any other means of disconnecting power from the equipment.

A plug in the wall fits the bill in your area. Common in condo’s.

I think more explanation is needed…HVAC for one would not need a switch as you called it.

HVAC stands for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning so not all would need a “switch”

Direct answer is yes there needs to be a switch.

A means of disconnect is required. Bear in mind that the means of disconnect can be a breaker, if the panel is in direct view of the equipment.