Gas Fireplace Shut-off Valve

I did a re-inspection today, a portion of which included observation of a localized shut-off valve for the gas fireplace not present at the time of the original inspection. My understanding and typical experience is there is a shut-off valve below the firebox or on the adjacent floor or wall. Since I didn’t see one initially, I wrote it up. According to the professional who came out to take a look at it, he insists the “on/off” switch located within the mechanical compartment below the firebox is the gas shut-off. While I agree it allows the flame to ignite, I don’t consider that a gas shut-off valve; it’s an electric switch, no different that a wall switch. If I am mistaken, please (kindly) correct. I don’t want to make a mountain out of a mole hill and am hoping for some helpful information for my clients. Thank you.!

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Requires a mechanical shut-off… same as you would find for a gas range or gas dryer… and it must be within the max 6ft appliance connector and visible from the unit being served… NOT the other side of a wall or under the floor!!

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That’s because it isn’t.

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Thanks, gentleman. So, where’s the disconnect between what you and I know to be a proper gas shut-off valve and this guy suggesting otherwise? As I told my clients, I do not profess to be an expert in any particular home system, which is why I recommend they consult a licensed professional to further evaluate and repair, as necessary, items I observe to be deficient, be that an electrician, plumber, HVAC, etc. I have zero interest in getting into a shouting match with the homeowner/seller or the person they had tell them everything was cool, but I do want to protect my clients and give them accurate information.

Who know’s what he’s thinking.
Clearly, he’s not a pipe-fitter, or a plumber, or a gas technician, etc. etc.
Tell him to consult with NFPA 54, Chapters 7-10 (or whatever governing rules/codes your jurisdiction has adopted).

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I watched that same video! See how he goes that extra step to the yellow shut-off valve? That’s all I was looking for, be it yellow, red, or blue. No such luck.

Thanks, Jeffrey. I appreciate your assistance.

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If that is an insert, it is probably behind the unit like this one.

but as long as you can shut the gas to the pilot, there is no need to shut anything else.
But I go out side and shut the tank off. The valve to shut the gas to the pilot should be underneath at the same place as the gas control for the fire.

You copied that from google without double checking! what you copied applies to generic appliance that is not a fireplace. Fireplaces are allowed to have remotely located shut offs.

From your own state adopted code:
409.5.2 Vented Decorative Appliances and Room Heaters
Shutoff valves for vented decorative appliances, room heaters and decorative appliances for installation in vented fireplaces shall be permitted to be installed in an area remote from the appliances where such valves are provided with ready access. Such valves shall be permanently identified and shall not serve another appliance. The piping from the shutoff valve to within 6 feet (1829 mm) of the appliance shall be designed, sized and installed in accordance with Sections 401 through 408

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