EMF-Electromagnetic Field/Radiation testing

I am interested in offering testing for EMF’s and Radio Waves on homes as an ancillary service to Home Inspections. I have had some requests since there are high power transmission lines going through our town and some neighborhoods. Does anyone currently offer EMF testing? I am looking for a reporting system to present the data to clients. Any help from an experienced tester is appreciated. Thanks, Greg

Spend your money and test on things that are actually harmful…


High EMF is extremely harmful causing confusion, skin irritation, even hallucinations. Detecting a “fear cage” caused by emitted fields could be a great benefit to buyers. Most of these issues can be corrected by a licensed electrician. Unless of course you live under high emitting power lines. It’s a very real issue most dismiss.

Gee interesting can you post where I can see the facts please .
I lived under lines for years I guess thats whats wrong with me.

What issue would an electrician correct? I’m very curious!

Looks to me like there is not much to say about this .
I wish you luck but feel you might be better off spending your time in Home Inspections .

I have been asked about this twice in the past by clients. The test equipment runs around $100…