Can anyone do an EMF inspection in Washington, DC? If so, email me for client's info

EMF inspections are bogus.

Why do you say that?

As a former Health Physicist, I can state with authority that there is no danger from EMF that one encounters in everyday life. No (valid, peer reviewed, i.e. scientific) evidence that EMF in everyday exposure is in the least bit harmful. That, BTW, includes cell phones.

Yeah, I know that all this crap about cell phones causing cancer is out there, but it is just crap. Same with living too close to a transformer. With an EMF meter, take your readings. Then place the meter colse to any dimmer switch. It will read thousands of orders of magnitude higher.

EMF inspections are a scam. There is no danger. This is just plain scientific fact.

Whenever I run into a person who claims to be an EMF inspector, I ask him what grade he got for Calculus. When he tells me that he never took Calculus, I then explain, “Then you know nothing about REAL science.” Try it, sometimes, with all these clowns who claim that EMF is a hazard.

Hope this helps;

I was told along time ago that there is no such thing as Indoor Air quality problems. That everything you have been told is in your Head. After years of research I can tell conclusively that EMF does affect people just as much as high levels of Ultrafine Particles that cannot be seen by the naked eye.
Since you say you are a physicist I will point you to a case about a doctor that one a lawsuit against ignorance at a hospital.
You can go to to find the case study under P-trak.
As for EMF all you need to do is sleep near an electrical transformer and see how you feel in the morning. You don’t here about this info because many have no understanding but when you see it for yourself, like a miracle you believe.

From what I have read I agree with Will .
I was involved in this 40 years ago and have followed it over the years and I am not convinced … Thanks Will… Roy C

Why does the Power companies keep Building away from High Tension wires back so far if there is no problem ?
Why is there documented studies of milk reduction in cows that are pastured under such lines till they a moved to another section?
Just asking .I am interested in this subject actually. Were you involved with any studies? I think it is great we had a resource on this very subject On here it never stops amazing me the knowledge on this MB at our finger tips.
BTW try a Emf Meter around the old Micro Wave lol goes crazy .
If you have Information to share i be glad to take some i have had this come up a few times.

EMF scare returns: Maternal appliance use and asthma in offspring?

I guess the arsenic in fruit juice is scare too Micheal ? Let us know
Ill wait for Will’s documents

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Pay attention and don’t go near your microwave anymore as it appears to have affected your thinking :stuck_out_tongue:

I do pay attention to someone that counts,
I just think it is funny you have ash dump behind your home, I remember you saying a few things about the one here. .
So what you post about EMF any one can find, I am waiting for Will Who seems to have first hand experience on the topic

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