Strange one...

Got a call today by a home seller asking if I did EMF surveys/inspections. I said no and asked if I could ask her questions to better understand clients’ needs.

She told me the potential buyer was concerned about the proximity of power lines. I asked then why aren’t they inspector hunting. She ask what was the ‘limit’, I said I haven’t heard of any real research that made sense. To me if there is a limit, then electric blankets would be made illegal.

I directed her to someone who might have answered many questions. The public utility. She like the idea and said thx.

Is there anyone who does emf readings, and what governing bodies certify these tests?



EMF’s have become a small part of the environmental illness field.

Have you read and provided her a copy of the EMF file at the NACHI Mall at the Citizen Information Center section on Articles, Books, Magazines,etc?

Building biologists test electromagnetic fields and some people get all bent out of shape about them, but EPA, CDC, etc. all say there’s been a lot of testing done with no conclusive results showing harm to humans.

Kindof on the same lines as "do cell phones cause brain cancer?