Electromagnetic Fields

Has anyone ever been asked about checking to see how high the EMF are in an area/house? Was wondering about this type of add on but never had anyone ask.

Hey James,

If you are refering to it in regards to electrical systems giving it off I would think it would not be a huge seller…but again if I knew that I am playing the lotto tonight…:slight_smile:

All electronic equipment give off a EMF field…normally it is so small that it is not a issue I would guess…their are EMF detectors that can detect this but not sure how to convey this as a hazzard to the client…

I was thinking…if you did say this to a client…I can only guess the reaction the seller would have and their agent…prove it is dangerous or harmful…I can hear them now.

We use a simular device to detect it when looking at walls where electrical wires are located…a very weak detector…but not sure how that would work for ya.

Have you ever seen any of those ghost hunter type shows…they use a EMF reader to detect it…so just short of being ghost hunter you will find EMF in probably every environement…just not sure how you would write that up without a study to show any effects.

Not sure I helped any…but was my take on it…

Oh…here is a nice thing on EMF…

**Are electric and magnetic fields a health hazard?
**Three decades of research on EMF exposures and human health has not established that a human health hazard exists.

Questions remain about whether EMF exposure at home or work is linked to some diseases such as childhood leukemia, adult cancers and miscarriages. While scientific research is continuing, a quick resolution of the remaining scientific uncertainties is not expected.

Coordinated international research has resolved many questions about specific diseases. While some health authorities have identified magnetic field exposure as a possible human carcinogen, **they acknowledge that additional research will be necessary before a more definitive conclusion can be made.

More Information :

**What are electric and magnetic fields (EMF) and where do they come from?
**Electric and magnetic fields are created by both natural and man-made forces. A thunderstorm can create very intense electric fields in the millions of volts. When lightning strikes, a magnetic field results from the electrical current flow. Another natural source is the earth’s magnetic field. Manmade sources include household or building wiring, electrical appliances and electric power transmission and distribution facilities.
Electric fields
An electric field is sometimes called an electro-static field or static electricity. This occurs wherever a voltage is present, in the same way static can be created by friction between two materials. Electric fields are created around appliances and wires wherever a voltage exists. The signals received by FM radios and TVs are also electric fields.
Electric field strength is measured in volts per meter (V/m). The strength of an electric field decreases at greater distances from the source.

**Magnetic fields
**Wherever there is an electric field, there is also a magnetic field. A magnetic field is the attractive force that exists between the poles of permanent magnets and ferrous metals, such as steel and iron. Permanent magnets can be natural or man-made. The earth itself has a magnetic field, which is strongest at the poles. An electro-magnet is created whenever electrical current flows in a wire, whether it is direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC).

Magnetic field strength is often measured in “milliGauss.” The earth’s magnetic fields measure approximately 500 milliGauss in North America. Magnetic field strength decreases at greater distances from the origin.

Interesting thing James…while hard to prove the medical community seems to be leaning towards the " it is harmful " side…here is an intersting site to read if you have the time…very interesting


I was thinking it could be of interest to the health conscience crowd. I of course would state that the health risks are not definitive but I could also state the
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reviewed 50 epidemiological studies and hundreds of biological studies and acknowledge that low level electromagnetic fields may increase the risk of cancer. A general recommendation is “prudent avoidance” of exposures above 2-3 milliGauss

How much to take measurements? 30.00 as an add on? 80 stand alone inspection?

hmm…Hey…you can be a ground breaker…give it a shot…not sure how much one of the meters would cost…and just short of lets say a high power tower " say that 5 times fast " is next to the house and you get a huge reading…and they dont buy the house…is it possible the seller could sue for scaring them off…who knows…

But if you try it…let us know…sounds interesting

I would probably classify this under “environment inspection” criteria. Like Paul said there are those ghost hunters who use these same devices to detect the dearly departed so what do you do if you do get a reading. Could it be ghostly visitors or just EMF? Seems like a very gray area with no way to confirm anything substantial. At the very least a “checkered” area. But don’t let me pee on anyone’s parade, whose to say HI won’t branch into ghost bustin. Not me, but a lot people bought pet rocks too.

I remember pet rocks. when was that mid 70’s?

I have no interest in ghost busting, though it might be fun to do around halloween.:slight_smile:

lol…I know my brother got one of those rocks…I swore I saw it move one day…maybe it was all the other stuff HE bought that made me think it was moving…yes, I used to sneak in to his room alot…

Of course you mean black lights right? :wink:

lol…ahh…no I was thinking more like smoke residual…lol…actually…but I can safely say KEEP the black light out of my brothers room…the glare would probably blind you…I know it blinded HIM

lol…its wasn’t the black lights that blinded him…more likely some of the “smoke residual” stuff. and only temporarily. I guess I am showing my age when I made the pet rock comment. The darn things came with instructions and everything. People would flock to the malls to buy rocks for cryin out loud. We had a yard full of them (a rock ranch I guess). I give the guy who thought of it credit. He got rich and got rid of all those rocks to boot.

Hi Gents –

Allow be to chime in on the EMF thing. Mr. Abernathy is mostly correct in that

[FONT=Arial]“Three decades of research on EMF exposures and human health has not established that a human health hazard exists.”

[FONT=Arial]This is science geek-speak for “In three decades we can’t find any evidence that supports the argument that it is harmful.”

[FONT=Arial]No serious questions remain regarding EMF fields as normally encountered from overhead power lines or house hold appliances. There are no serious debates or unanswered questions in the scientific, epidemiological, medical or health physics fields. There are no valid studies which link EMFs to leukemia. EMFs, as an household hazard, are most kept alive by the same kooky “toxic mould” MCS and “pyramid power” types.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial] [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]In reality the whole EMF thing is dead, and has been for many years. There were extensive and expensive studies that pretty well laid the issue to rest.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial] [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]As an Industrial Hygienist, I still get call to measure and assess “industrial strength” EMFs from industrial microwave sealers, radio dishes, antennae and the like (I had one project where the field strengths were so large sparks would jump from the heels of the workers to the floor!) :shock: However, I still will perform household measurements on kitchen wares for microwaves if someone really wants to pay my four hour minimum at $95 an hour plus miles. And I also completed an EMF survey for a school, but only after I got them to sign a release acknowledging that the survey was a COMPLETE waste of money and there was no science whatever behind their concerns … they signed it, I did the survey, then the school administrator got sacked for wasting school funds).[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial] [/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana][FONT=Arial]If anyone is interested, I have hundreds of references on the subject. However, the household EMF issue is, thankfully, every bit as dead as [/FONT]Schrödinger’[FONT=Arial]s cat.[/FONT][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial] [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial] [/FONT]
Caoimhín P. Connell
Forensic Industrial Hygienist

(The opinions expressed here are exclusively my personal opinions and do not necessarily reflect my professional opinion, opinion of my employer, agency, peers, or professional affiliates. The above post is for information only and does not reflect professional advice and is not intended to supercede the professional advice of others.)


Caoimhín P. Connell

I have agreed with you on everything that I have read that you have posted in the past but you are wrong on this one.

EMF goes from DC to light and maybe even further. After working around radio transmitters for many years including microwave and radar equipment I can tell you from first had exp that EMF hurts and will kill.

Don’t put a baby in a microwave. Ham radio equipment with the power limits related to that class of service will kill and I am not talking about getting ones fingers across the power supply I am talking about the EMF coming out the antenna.

I do agree that present information states that a MW oven and a house near a power line are ok. But radiation from even light can hurt you bad.

As far as a site survey in ones house yes it will cost a lot of money and I would first challenge the person that was making the survey as to if they new what they were doing!



[FONT=Arial]Hello Mr. Bennett:

Thanks for your comments.

When reading my posts, it’s important to watchout for details. My post had nothing to do with the hazards of putting babies in microwave ovens. Furthermore, my post explicitly acknowledged the potential hazards of industrial EMF hazards, such as those encountered while working around transmission equipment. As an industrial hygienist, I have considerable experience in the EMF area and, in fact, I’m NIOSH 583 Certified in EMF exposure assessments and control strategies. (School of Public Health and Community Medicine, University of Washington, Seattle, 1997)

My post was exclusively directed at debunking the kooky, unfounded theories that had floated around for a while that EMFs from household appliances and/or overhead power lines caused adverse health effects. It just ain’t so.

In fact, there is nothing factually incorrect contained in my post at all. If there is, please point it out. Indeed, the only potential point of contention in my post is whether Schrödinger’s cat really is dead. :wink:

Kind regards,
Caoimhín P. Connell
Forensic Industrial Hygienist

(The opinions expressed here are exclusively my personal opinions and do not necessarily reflect my professional opinion, opinion of my employer, agency, peers, or professional affiliates. The above post is for information only and does not reflect professional advice and is not intended to supercede the professional advice of others.)