Empire Wall Furnace Age Help

Had an Empire wall furnace on today’s inspection, looking for a little help on the age.

Serial: 0904343649

Looked fairly new, I’m thinking 2004 by the serial, but can’t seem to find a definitive answer on their age code.


I dislike serial numbers like that. I believe it’s either January 2009 or September 2004. Pick one.

I ran into a similar problem, but I was able to use other information on the data plate to figure it out. The serial number I saw on the inspection was 1044492349. The unit data plate informs the installer that in the absence of local codes to install in conformity to the ANSI gas code (Canadian) Z233.1 of 2008. Logically, this was made after 2008. I suspect, when combining this information with the above thread, that the first two digits are the Year of manufacture and the second two digits are the Week of manufacture. This is still just an educated guess, but hopefully sheds more light on this issue.

~ Respectfully,