Employment Opportunity

Hello! Passed the NC State license Exam a week or so. Should be sending paper work to Raleigh first of the week for my Home Inspection License. Is there anyone in the Durham, NC area needing a new inspector.

Thank you for your help.

Jim Connelly

Seems to me you need to sell yourself here with your background and experience, otherwise if all you got is a shiny new license, you wouldn’t be on my payroll any time soon, aka… look me up when you are no longer a liability/risk!

Hi Jim,

You might be better off contacting the top firms in your area to sign on as an apprentice. As the other responder rather indelicately put it, you’re new and an unknown at this point.

I’m glad you’re not just going out on your own after getting your license.
There is so much to learn about inspecting and running a business.

You are welcome to email or call me and I will help where I can…

I agree, listing some of your relevant background and experience is definitely going to help.