Emsl mold lab

Mold professionals I am at the Vegas conference and I met with the EMSL lab guys. Wow the things they can do with a report at a competitive fee.

Some of these items will set you apart from the rest of your competition.

There are many many labs across the U.S. for service.

Here are the great things I learned. It was entire lab was started by one guy and is still owned today by that one guy. The family is still very active in the business and the son was actually at the conference to answer your questions.

The family that owns it is concerned about on thing…YOU becoming successful. How cool is that!

Obtained some great ideas from them and looked forward to years of a great working relationship.

They are worth looking into and instead of just LOOKING, actually call them and ask one of the professionals what thy do better than what your using today.

I had nothing to lose and found out what I was actually missing…

I have been using EMSL for years, and their dedication to Customer Service and helping me and my business to succeed is second to none. I have no hesitation in recommending them to any and all members needing their services (US and Canada)! They are awesome!


Great stuff. I’ve tried Pro-Lab, San-Air, and SEEML. EMSL is the ONLY lab that I use.

I also use EMSL for all my lab work. It works out great for me because they have several locations but they actually have one it’s 20 minutes from the office so I stop in there all the time and they know me by name in my face. I also get some great insight information right from the lab technicians and my rep is a great guy as well EMSL is The best lab I have used.


Russell, you should know you need to follow the leaders on mold in SW Florida. The lab (EMSL) has said we have done 3,500 to 4,000 samples with them for years now. :twisted:
Have a good one