Pro Lab?

These guys got me stumped.
No place to sign up on the website so I send a couple of contact emails that are never answered. Then out of the blue their sales department calls me as they got my name from Internachi so after a few tries and a long wait time I get a person and sign up for an account.

Now I get an email from them with no account or login info?

I was looking forward to spending some money getting some test kits and I am all dressed up with no place to go.

Does it get easier?

The sad part is, that how is it is dealing with Prolab. We can all understand that mistakes happen, but do sure make an awful lot of them.

Paul, there is no reason for you not to use EMSL… Call them, email them, drop in unannounced for a visit, you will not be disappointed! They won me over years ago, and they have never given me a reason to look elsewhere.

They contacted me back, gave me login info for only mold test equipment, nothing else?

I want radon kits so they send me a 1 page flyer for radon kits, which I buy with credits although no one took the time to explain what that was.

It sounds like they want me to order with a salesperson and not online. After years of doing business I never had it be so difficult to spend money.

Thanks for the tip on EMSL. I am checking it out.

Maybe I’m just a crabby @ss guy.

I checked ESML and they have a location in my area.

Hello Jeff,

Just got off the phone with David at EMSL, got me hooked up right away. Explained how they operate including realistic test times for mold and radon. Couldn’t ask for a better shopping experience.

Excellant! :smiley:

That is a shame.
ProLab is a NACHI sponsor.

Any ideas why the poor experience ?

More confusing than poor. Nothing was well explained to me, took a number of tries to get a sales person.

Just wasn’t a good experience, I’m not saying they are a bad company but rather than give the the full experience it was like I needed to order everything ala carte.

They were polite and friendly, just seemed disconnected and I didn’t get what I needed.

Ah, kind of like going into a hardware store and asking a teenager clerk for advice.

Just imagine what may/does happen with test results. :shock:

Keep track of your credits. They will short you every chance they get. You will also have a new sales rep about every two months. The turn over there is tremendous.

Whoever you choose to use… whatever you choose to do… whatever tests you choose to run… ALWAYS FOLLOW THE FOLLOWING RULE, FIRST AND FOREMOST:


EMSL is licensed here, they have an office not too far from me. The person I talked to took the time (without my asking) to cover all the important points of using their products in Minnesota.

On top of that I was offered educational opportunities, most for free. Really surprised me how much time they were willing to give me and there was never a pitch, the sale was about taking care of my needs first. Big difference between the vendors. I’m not burn3ing Prolab but they would benefit from a customer service seminar.

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I hooked up with Hayes Microbial in Midlothian, Va a couple years ago.

Great people, always helpful, and sent me all the FedEX packaging envelopes I’ll need for a while.

Quick update.

ESML has sent me product brochures, links to educational offerings and has been doing all they can to give me the opportunity to spend some money to grow my business. This is exactly what I was looking for. I am a believer in having the right products at hand when in a service business.

Maybe Prolab does this also, if so it wasn’t well communicated to me.

There’s not a vendor out there that’s not willing to do that!! :mrgreen:

Ya think?

I, had a similar experience with prolab, went to EM lab P&K, very cool.
Now we use both labs, Prolab, has been very good, ask for Fidel, he is very good.