Pro-Lab??? Insight...

I’m getting feedback that Pro-Lab may not be a good place to go. I’m wondering what lies ahead with Pro-Lab. Is there any good advice to be shared amongst others out there??? Thanks in advance!


Thank you Jeffrey! That’s probably great advice!


By the way, Jeffrey…do you have a contact number and name for EMSL?

I think this is the closest location to you…

Thanks man!

Agree, EMSL is highly respected.

Yes I can also agree!
Pro-lab for basic EMSL specialized.

EMSL for everything…no such thing as basic when it comes to mold. Its either professional or unprofessional.

what is the feedback?..i have been happy with IMS labs for mold testing. Their website says they also do asbestos and radon.

I have also used EMSL and have been happy with them; however, they seem pricey compared to some smaller labs.

We’ve used them for years. Top notch.

This is great stuff guys, thanks again! By the way…do you find yourselves doing a lot of mold carpeting testing?

Not often. Typically when I suspect mold in the carpet, the carpet is in crappy condition, and I suggest they remove/replace it anyway.


Most of the inspectors in KC have used Pro-Lab for years … NEVER had major problems. Some of the guys tried EMSL, then went back to Pro-Lab. Not happy with EMSL … Not sure why other than several said they did not like EMSL’s reports.

Prolly because they are a Lab that caters to professionals, not homeowners.

Prolab does have pretty reports and a bunch of fluff that does not really mean anything, but may impress the consumer since the consumer does not know anything about mold.

Can you be more specific on the issues inspectors have been having with ProLab? And how and/why other labs are better? I have been with ProLab for several years and haven’t had a problem, but I don’t have any experience with another lab to compare ProLab to anyone else.

Also, wondering if someone would be willing to share their mold testing contract. And if you do commercial mold testing, I’d like to see a sample contract for that as well. Also where did you get your training to perform commercial mold inspections/testing.


The best way to check out a lab is to send in a blank trap with your air testing samples and see if they find mold spores on the trap that was never used. Prolab has failed this test several times. Also their detection limit (How much of the slide they read) is not low enough to be taken seriously. The lower the detection limit, the more of the sample is read. There is no lab that reads 100% of the slide. Prolab is good for preliminary sampling only such as a home inspector would do.