EMSL raised the prices for 2017 without notice

**While there are other laboratories lowering the price for Mold Analysis EMSL is sticking it to us for 2017. They went from $25.00 to $27.45 for each lab analyses. While we struggle with higher expenses (License, Insurance, higher cost of material +…) and less customers. Now comes EMSL with the knife… Oh, and I did not even know about the price increase…

**I will be looking for another lab… Who knows about another lab that can do a good job at a reasonable price per sample??

They sent me an updated price list in December, you should call whoever is in charge of your account, it is probably up to them to send out pertinent info.

They notified me at least twice.
First price increase I’ve seen in quite a while and you’re complaining?
Prices do generally go up as you noted with your other expenses.
I guess you never raise your prices huh? :roll::roll:

Your website says you’re associated with Pro Lab.
That’s a surprise. :twisted:


$22.50, Same-day lab analysis included.

I have been very happy with the Pro-Lab services deal offered to Inter-Nachi members: https://www.nachi.org/prolab2.htm

Check out Daane Labs in Naples FL.

I used Inspector Outlet to get my pro-lab stuff last week. Used 2 day delivery, got it yesterday. AND no pre-paid envelopes to send it back in. Not a happy camper… we looking around myself for somewhere else to use. At least the samples I sent in were taken care of quickly, I’ve just had a TERRIBLE time with supplies. One time I ordered some supplies, was sent a kit, tried to find out what to do, and a month later they finally got with me what I needed to do to send it back.

I like EMSL for many reasons.
When I order air o cells they generally show up the next day without my paying for overnight.
I usually ask for two day turn around on reports but it’s often closer to one day.
Any questions and customer service is very responsive.

I could care less about saving a couple bucks, I want consistency, quick results and responsiveness. EMSL provides that.

Hey all,

I’m down here in South Texas and am looking to add mold testing as an add on service. In my research, It looks like it would probably be better for me to get the Mold Assessment Consultant license over the Mold Assessment Technician license as we have an insurance specific form to clear the remediation work. I just got back from a 203k conference that was held at the Pro-Labs. They seem pretty legit.

The main difference I’ve seen between EMSL and ProLab is how they collect services. From an overhead perspective, I would rather buy the cassettes for a small fee than to pay $25 each up front for the ProLab ones. I’m assuming that I would have to pay for overnight shipping for either company. I’d rather pay for overnight shipping to a place 4 hours from me vs half way across the county.

Any advice on equipment or anything else that would help out a newbie?


We normally send EMSL labs 3,000 to 4,000 mold samples a year plus bacteria, Formaldehyde and VOC samples. After 17 years we have been very satisfied.
Pro Lab for home inspectors is reasonable but (in my opinion) professionals would never use Pro-Lab.
Just beginning, use either for awhile then decide.